New SWC Bonfire Circle Close to a Carbon Copy of the Old SWC Bonfire Circle?

It looks like the new Southwest Conference Circle may be a pretty close replica of the old Southwest Conference Circle.

They have put red brick around the outside edges of the circle but have not put any team logos down yet. I was comparing pictures of the old circle with the new circle and the designs look basically the same and are also they same size.

I get the feeling the logos will go down close to the opening of the football season.

On another note, the area it is located looks a lot nicer than before the petroleum engineering building was built. They've done a great job with landscaping and that area may become a pretty good spot to set up tailgating tents.

Old Circle

 photo 100_5409_zps1c551f29.jpg

New Circle

 photo DSC_0133_zpsb52cbdb1.jpg

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