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Texas Tech Links: Gutierrez Goes Off; TTU Police Department Has Not Provided Files; Mitchell to Sit in 2014

Eric Gutierrez hit 52 home runs in last night's College Home Run Derby. The Texas Tech Police Department has yet to hand over any files to the Lubbock DA's office. Ohio St. transfer Mike Mitchell will not play in 2014.

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Warren Little

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!

Gutierrez Goes Off. Eric Gutierrez belted 52 home runs in last night's College Home Run Derby, but lost in the final round to UT's Tres Barrera, who he went to high school with, 25-18.  Gutierrez smashed the record of 52 home runs total and MikeTTU should have a story later today with Gutierrez's big night. Here's Gutierrez:

"It was a crazy night," Gutierrez said following the event. "Having the opportunity to come back to Omaha, especially with my Dad throwing to me, was just incredible. It was also a special experience to be there in the finals with Tres (Barrera) - being able to represent the Big 12 Conference and Sharyland High School with him was great. It felt like old times back in high school when we would take batting practice together. Overall, it was just an amazing night."

No Files from TTU Police Department. So, this seems a bit embarrassing, the Texas Tech police department has not provided any files to the Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney's office regarding the incident where Nigel Bethel, II punched Amber Battle and where Bethel was subsequently dismissed from the team.  Seems like this would be a priority or something.

Mitchell Will Sit Out in 2014. I'm sorta in the same boat as this College Football Talk story in that I saw the tweet from Jeremy Fowler about how Ohio St transfer Mike Mitchell will sit out the 2014 season, but just forgot to post a story or make a big deal out of this. I think the general idea was that Mitchell wasn't going to receive a waiver and this was somewhat expected.

West Named Coach. Devin West is added to Wes Kittley's coaching staff as an assistant coach for women's sprints and hurdles. Welcome!

Harrell Passing Academy. Graham Harrell is having his Harrell Passing Academy in Lubbock (which has already come and gone) and in Dallas coming up the 7th and 8th (see the link for more details.

Harrell Passing School from iThink Marketing on Vimeo.

Lafaele Ranked 29th. Texas Tech commit Lio Lafaele is ranked 29th by Rivals in the recently released (or maybe updated) JUCO rankings.

Lightest Team. I posted a link to a Sporting News article about how Texas Tech has the lightest team in the Big 12 and it appears that there was typo in the weight for Texas Tech (because it would appear that this would be 2nd in the Big 12, not last).  I've tweeted to Dave Bartoo to try to get a correction or clarification.  Still, I think the statement is accurate, but the figures need to be corrected.  I really want this to change over time.

SBN's UT Preview. SB Nation's Bill Connelly previews the Longhorns and he thinks the Longhorns are capable of winning up to 12 games or losing 10. So there's that.