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Texas Tech Links: Williams to Find Time at LB & RB; Webb at #11; Crockett Helping

Kenny Williams is going to find time at linebacker and running back. Webb is the #11 player in the Big 12. Jaye Crockett needs your help. The women's clinic was held last night.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Women's Clinic. The women's clinic was held last night and from all appearances, things went well.  Very well.  If and when the video is posted to YouTube, I'll create a new post.

Williams to Find Time. The LAJ has an article about how head coach Kliff Kingsbury intends to use a few packages for RB/LB Kenny Williams, who will have a package of plays on offense and Kingsbury thinks that DC Matt Wallerstedt will help scheme for Williams:

"I think he'll play a lot on defense, and I think we'll have a package for him on offense," Kingsbury said, "depending on what these freshmen do that are coming in, these backs, and health concerns. He could come back to offense full-time."

And Kingsbury also talked about some of the other running backs:

"I thought Q, the improvement he made in the mental approach to the game, was huge," Kingsbury said. "He had very few busts in blitz protection. They both protected the ball well. I didn't see the ball touch the ground much the entire spring, and so they're both really, really good players that we trust.

"Rodney Hall's a guy who really found a good role for us as far as in our two-back set. We feel like he can be physical either running the ball or blocking, and so he's going to have a pretty big role on offense as well."

Crockett Helping. Courtney Davis talks with Jaye Crockett about how he has started a scholarship fund to help buy supplies for kids going to school (backpacks and things like that).  You can go to this site to donate and you can check out his site, JayeRockAthletics!

Rough Day. Jace Amaro maybe had a rough day at the NY Jets practice, dropping a few passes and running a wrong route here and there, but he knows that it's going to be fine:

"He was just telling me what expects me to do and how he sees me playing," said Amaro, a second-round pick out of Texas Tech. "It's a good thing. We have a good relationship. He was just making sure I know that he has faith in me, and we're going to get it rolling."

The thing with Amaro is that he's a hard worker and he is talented.  A combination of those two things, it's eventually going to catch on for him.

New Campus Photos. Lots of good new photos from TTURed at Totally Texas Tech.  I know that some of you weren't down with the concrete around the Will Rogers and Soapsuds statue, but if there are lots of folks walking around and taking photos of the statue, it makes to have some concrete to take care of that foot traffic.

Webb at #11. The ESPN folks are counting things down the top Big 12 players and Davis Webb is #11:

11. Davis Webb, QB, Texas Tech: Webb gets the slight nod over Knight, due to a more impressive spring. As good as Knight was in the Sugar Bowl, Webb was just as impressive leading Texas Tech to the upset win over Arizona State in the National University Holiday Bowl. Including that bowl game and Tech's three open spring scrimmages, the rising sophomore tossed 17 touchdowns with no interceptions. He also showed more zip on his throws in the spring after adding 15 pounds of muscle during the offseason. Tech's defense remains a question. But Kliff Kingsbury's passing offense should be prolific thanks to Webb's rapid development.

Miscellaneous. Crimson and Cream Machine ranks the defensive lines and Texas Tech comes in at #7 . . . congrats to former Red Raider tight end Andre Tillman, who will be inducted into the Southwest Conference Hall of Fame . . .