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Texas Tech Links: Clark is Top 100 Player; Welker is Motivated; Amaro Expected to be Okay

Le'Raven Clark is one of the top 100 players in the country. Wes Welker is motivated by people doubting him. Jace Amaro was injured yesterday, but he's expected to be just fine.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hey you guys.  I was busy all weekend.  On Saturday, we had a post about how Texas Tech has the top two 2015 committed player as part of their class and one of the top JUCO's and we also checked in with Tommy Tuberville, then we had a summary video of Kliff Kingsbury during his time at the ESPN studios.  On Sunday, I posted about how Jace Amaro's coaches are telling him to "Ginobili it" and then I posted about how Kliff Kingsbury is instilling personal responsibility in his players and ended the day with a hype video.  Practice begins on Saturday, which means that "quiet weekends" on VTM ended a few weekends ago.  And I spent the weekend coming up with some awesome content, so hold on.

Clark #72. Sports On Earth ranked the top 100 college football players and had Le'Raven Clark at #72:

72. Le'Raven Clark, OT, Texas Tech. The 6-foot-5, 320-pound junior has started all 26 games in his career so far, first playing right guard as a redshirt freshman, then moving to left tackle last season. All five starters return to block for Davis Webb, who should put up typical Texas Tech-ian passing numbers, with the help of a first-team All-Big 12 talent protecting his blind side.

Amaro Injured, Should be Fine. Yesterday, TE Jace Amaro was injured a bit in practice, but it isn't a big deal and is expected to be back to practice on Tuesday:

Amaro, who starred at Texas Tech, said he tweaked his right knee while running a pass route. He left practice but remained on the sideline for treatment and watched the rest of practice with the knee heavily wrapped with ice. The wrap was gone by the time he spoke to reporters after practice.

Welker is Motivated. WR Wes Welker says that he's as motivated as ever, with folks saying that he's too old now, but he sorta has other ideas:

"I love it when they say I can't do it, that I am too old," Welker said. "It's something that motivates me, another challenge. From not getting any college offers except from Texas Tech, from going undrafted, from being traded, and from being in Denver now. It's been one thing after another to overcome. Now it's being old. Yeah, I love it."

And I really liked this bit to describe his game:

Beyond football IQ, Welker's ability to excel hinges on his first step off the line of scrimmage. He makes his money on underneath routes. Those demand precise execution, where one foot can make the difference in a critical third-down catch or an interception. He pushed through lateral drills last Monday, knowing it could cause a cornerback to shade slightly in one direction in his stance, creating a window of separation for Welker.

Miscellaneous. Ubben writes that the Big 12 has a violence against women problem, as there are a handful of incidents over the course of the year, OU's Frank Shannon and Joe Mixon, UT's Kendall Sanders and Montrell Meander, TCU's Devonte Fields and Texas Tech's Nigel Bethel . . .