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Texas Tech Links: Amaro Ginobili's It; Gandy with Bears; Eguavoen on Stiker

Jace Amaro has the NY Jets playbook down and is working on improvisation. Dylan Gandy signs with the Bears and Sam Eguavoen talks about OU's Eric Striker.

Rich Schultz

He's Got that Playbook and Notebook. The NY Jets camp has started and the Times writes about Jace Amaro's transition to learning the playbook and there's this passage in the article that I think some of you might enjoy:

It helped, as did a pithy phrase, not unlike those Amaro's father would text him, that Hagen devised.

Just Ginobili it, Hagen would tell him. That advice, based on the unconventional playing style of San Antonio forward Manu Ginobili, reverberated for Amaro, a fervent Spurs fan. Hagen wanted Amaro to play with passion, creativity and leadership, and to not be afraid to improvise. If Amaro is supposed to run an out pattern, for instance, he might wiggle or fake - do something unexpected - before resuming his route.

"Just a little extra, just like Ginobili does," Amaro said.

With a laugh, Hagen added, "Soon, we'll be saying that he's Jaceing it, or Amaroing it."

Go read the whole thing.  Amaro's working hard.

Gandy Signs with Bears. Congrats to former Red Raider Dylan Gandy, who recently signed on with the Chicago Bears.

Not So Anonymous. Remember over the past week or so, some of these anonymous questions have been asked and answered by the players.  Well, I think the Tulsa World has been attributing quotes to the players, which is fine by me. In any event, they asked the players about the best player in the Big 12 and Bryce Petty had the most votes, but Sam Eguavoen said that for him it was Eric Striker and even talked a little conference vs. conference trash:

Sam Eguavoen, Texas Tech LB: "I'd probably go with that Striker dude for OU. What I saw him do against Alabama, that impressed me. That also showed that's what the Big 12 breeds. We breed ballplayers like that. We can show up the SEC anytime."

They also asked about the rowdiest fans and we get the normal response of tortillas and batteries for Texas Tech, but they don't attribute a quote to any player.

Miscellaneous. The LAJ ranks the Big 12 football coaches and has Kliff Kingsbury at #7 . . . congrats to junior golfer Henry Todd who was named All-American Scholar . . . sixteen Texas Tech baseball players earned Honor Roll status . . . incoming freshman Wes Artac won the West Texas Amateur . . .