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Texas Tech Links: Best 2015 Commits; Checking in on Tuberville

Texas Tech has the best 2015 commits and we check in on Cincinnati's head coach, Tommy Tuberville. We also check in on the Oklahoma and Texas situations.

Bryn Lennon

OMG. I found this on the Twitter last night as I was about to doze off and then I passed out. I know that you all aren't the biggest fans of Tommy Tuberville, but I thought you all would appreciate this.

Top Big 12 2015 Commits. Texas Tech has the two best 2015 Big 12 commits, Jarrett Stidham and Breiden Fehoko, and the second best JUCO commit in Lio Lafaele.  I didn't know that Stidham was the lone 5-star commit in the Big 12, which is interesting, and that Fehoko won the bench press competition at The Opening.  Since we haven't heard as much about Lafaele, here's the bit on him:

Texas Tech could return as many as eight of their top 10 offensive linemen, but Lafaele (6-4 300) could be an upgrade in talent, and he could also provide the Red Raiders some cover in case talented right tackle Le'Raven Clark jumps early to the NFL. Coming out of Riverside (Calif.) C.C., Lafaele has a Composite number of 0.8826, earning him three stars and a spot as the nation's No. 2 junior college offensive tackle. He's just two spots down from Butler on the national rankings as well, at No. 18.

If Lafaele plays tackle, then he could slide in for Fortenberry, but if it is at guard, he'll be competing with a handful of returning players. Having depth and options are good things.

ESPN's Survey. I forgot to post ESPN's anonymous survey from the Big 12 Media Days earlier this week and Kliff Kingsbury was the choice for most impressive coach.

Don't Throw Stones. I don't throw stones.  Not when it comes to player arrests or problems.  Any time I post these things, it's without snark or judgment, it is just news.  Yesterday I was busy with a few things and then came home and mowed and cleaned up the yard, so I really missed quite a bit.  The first bit of news is that Oklahoma's incoming freshman RB Joe Mixon allegedly punched a woman at a bar breaking 4 bones in her face.  From reading the linked story there, it appears that the difference between the Nigel Bethel, II and Amber Battle case is that Battle acknowledged that she initiated the situation and wanted to see a similar punishment for Bethel that she also received.

Down I-35 in Austin, things appear to be just unraveling, most likely for the best, as a handful of players have allegedly been dismissed from the team.  Two players were dismissed from the team that are involved in a sexual assault case that will make your stomach turn, but the players that were mentioned yesterday have allegedly broken some team rules.  I have no doubt that Charlie Strong is making some tough, but necessary choices here.