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Red Raider Gridiron: Kliff Kingsbury Visits ESPN

Yesterday, head coach Kliff Kingsbury visited ESPN and Kingsbury read dead-sexy tweets about himsel and the ESPN researchers all told the hosts to ask about Ryan Gosling and Johnny Manziel.

Oh, why thank you, yes this is a new shirt. How nice of you to notice
Oh, why thank you, yes this is a new shirt. How nice of you to notice
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Carwash. Don't expect a ton of hard-hitting journalism (there is some near the end), but that's okay.  Kliff Kingsbury seems to have a way of turning just about any publicity about him into something that's good and worthwhile.  And he does give similar or the same answers to questions pretty much throughout.  For example, Kingsbury said that the thing he needs to work on the most is consistency in how he deals with players and that being compared to Ryan Gosling isn't all that bad and it could be worse.

Let's start off with Michelle Beadle and Kingsbury.  There is a Gosling reference and Manziel reference and provides the type of line he would give to a mother of recruits (it's funny, not creepy).

Oh, and would you like to watch Kliff Kingsbury read some flattering tweets from some fans:

Let's jut go ahead and blockquote this:

Tweet from @BoyoTroyo: Kliff Kingsbury gets me hot and bothered...and I love it...there I said it.  
Kingsbury: That was from a man.

Hot In Here. Oh, Coach Kingsbury ran into Nelly yesterday too:

For those of you who don't remember, Nelly had a song called, "Air Force Ones" and he Ali wore a Kliff Kingsbury jersey:

Your life is now complete.

SportsCenter. Up next, you can catch Kingsbury on SportsCenter, where he talks about Texas Tech, having a consistent message, and he is also asked about Ryan Gosling and Johnny Manziel:

Podcasting. If you do want to hear some good football discussion, check out Ivan Maisel talk with Kingsbury, which was really good.  Really good discussion, talking about quarterback transfers, the grass isn't always greener. Also, a discussion about penalties, way too many focus or pre-snap penalties.  Kingsbury is talking about punishments for those penalties and Leach used to make them roll (not sure what that is).  Also, they talk about Jakeem Grant, and about how no one on the team wants to fight him.  No one.  And you can also hear some good discussion on Russilllo and Van Pelt (but without Van Pelt) and there was some good talk about quarterback play and the pace of play.

Miscellaneous. The LAJ ranks the special teams units and has the Red Raiders at #6 . . . Football Study Hall looks at the Jace Amaro effect in the Big 12 . . . FoxSports talks with former Big 12 players adjusting to life after football . . . the Wall Street Journal tries to come up with a different way for conferences to be be put together, grouping them by football strength and Texas Tech does make the last cut  (because the have's really don't have enough) . . .