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Texas Tech Links: Eguavoen, Fehoko & Awe to Man Middle; Campus Photos

Sam Eguavoen, V.J. Fehoko and Micah Awe will all likely man the middle. New Texas Tech campus photos. La'Fond and Lopez hope to walk-on for Texas Tech.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Is it Friday yet?  After having near 20 links yesterday, everyone is taking the day off.

Eguavoen, Fehoko & Awe to Man Middle and Notebooky Things. The LAJ put out a handful of small articles yesterday, but then decided to add them to a notebook.  There are three different stories that notebook, the first is that both Texas Tech and Oklahoma St. like to recruit East Texas.  This really isn't anything news.  Coaches will recruit where there are players and there are a ton of players in East Texas, so that's pretty easy.

Additionally, the notebook mentions that Sam Eguavoen, V.J. Fehoko and Micah Awe will all be playing in the middle, at either the weakside spot or the middle spot:

"I kind of like the (weak-side) position better, because it's less ground to cover," Eguavoen said. "You're into the boundary. You get to blitz more. It's really hard to make a mistake at that position. There's no space. You don't have to cover receivers as much.

"The (weak-side) position, that's a glory position. Ask Will Smith. He knows. We always talk about it in the locker room."

This does confirm what we've figured out this year, which is that the alignment of the linebackers and defensive line, in addition to the secondary, are all dependent on if you are on the short side (boundary) or wide side (field) of the field.  As Eguavoen notes, the weakside linebacker spot goes to the boundary side of the field (short side).

The last note is that head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that all four JUCO defensive linemen need to play this year, which is Keland McElrath, Rika Levi, Brandon Thorpe and Marcus Smith.  The likelihood that all four players will hit are probably pretty slim, it just usually doesn't work out that way, but Texas Tech does need as much depth as humanly possible.

San Antonio's La'Fond & Lubbock's Lopez Hope to Walk On. San Antonio Roosevelt's S Rashad La'Fond (5-11/205) is hoping to walk on at Texas Tech and I recall that Lubbock High's Erin Lopez is also hoping to walk on at Texas Tech.  Lopez is a track guy mainly, but give  football a shot.  You can find LaFond's Hudl video here and Lopez Hudl video here.

New Campus Photos. Just some terrific new campus photos by TTURed.  Pretty neat that there's concrete surrounding Soapsuds and Will Rogers now.

Bears Picked 4th. No, not those Baylor Bears, but the Central Arkansas Bears, Texas Tech's first opponent, was picked 4th in the Southland Conference:

"I think opening the season at Texas Tech has been a big motivational factor for our players and our coaching staff,' said Campbell. "We know we open with a team that beat the Pac 12 South champion (Arizona State) in the Holiday Bowl. We know what we are up against and we're excited about it.'

Miscellaneous. An interesting story about how a guy was "screwed" over by Bleacher Report, but he really wasn't screwed, but strung along for a really long time.  Being strung along is not a good thing, but I didn't think he was screwed that I thought he was going to be.  The writer kept hoping for an opportunity and never got one despite producing a ton of content.  If anything, this article makes you think that the machine is much bigger than you and you're easily replaceable . . . the LAJ ranks the Big 12's offensive linemen and they have Le'Raven Clark as the #1 offensive lineman . . . QB Patrick Mahomes was named to the 4A all-state team as a utility player (congrats!) . . . baseball signee Argyle's Parker Mushinski was also named to the 3A all-state team at first base . . .