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Basketball Recruiting in the Big XII: How are the other Big XII teams doing?

Time to take a look at what other Big XII teams are doing in their recruiting class for 2014 and 2015 thus far.

Brandon Wade

Once again, this is a non-biased opinion of recruiting around the Big XII. I'm not trying to condemn one team and purposely make them look bad. Also, I do not watch all these teams games and I don't heavily follow their recruiting, so please excuse me for missing some info if you're a fan of one of the other teams.

Just like last week we reviewed football recruiting across the Big XII, now it's time to look at basketball recruiting across the Big XII. In basketball, you typically see freshmen a lot sooner than in football, considering there are 85 scholarship players in football and only 13 in basketball. So more likely the names you'll see today you will probably see over the course of next season. Shall we begin:

Baylor Bears:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 6th, 2013 - 21st)

Deng Deng Kobie Eubanks Lester Medford Damiyne Durham Ty Maston
92 rated JUCO PF 88 rated SF 84 rated JUCO PG 87 rated SG 82 rated PF

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (58th overall) - Baylor didn't do as well as the previous two years. In 2012 and 2013, they were able to grab a 5-star rercuit, and a few mid to high 4-star recruits. In 2014, they only grabbed one 4-star (JUCO Deng Deng) and picked up four 3-stars, not as well as the previous year. However, they were able to get an athlete defensive presence in Deng to replace Isiah Austin and a tricky, versatile PG in Medford to help replace Brady Heslip. In addition to that, they got 3 high school players in the sweet shooting Eubanks, the high flying Durham and a big boy in Ty Maston. Baylor will likely won't do as well in the Big XII this year, but a good class in 2015 could elevate them back up.

King McClure
95 rated SG

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (25th overall) - Baylor started the 2015 class with a bang, landing one of the best players in the nation in King McClure. He choose Baylor over schools like Kansas and the red hot recruiting SMU Mustangs. McClure can score from anywhere on the floor, weather it's a crossing over players while driving to the basket or pulling up for a sure fire jump shot. McClure is an offensive weapon ready to happen. Their targets are crazy two, with two Texas Titans teammates in Tyler Davis (95 rated C) and DJ Hogg (97 rated PF), along with 93 rated SG Admon Gilder. Baylor looks like they will be one of the favorites to win the Big XII in the 2015 season.

Iowa State Cyclones:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 40th, 2013 - 33rd)

Clayton Custer Georgios Tsalmpouris
89 rated PG 7'1" Center from Greece
  • 2014 Recruiting Class (106th overall) - Iowa State only got two recruits for 2014, but that's because they didn't need a lot of players. Iowa State does lose two great players in Ejim and Kane, but they gain a good players back in Custer and Tsalmpouris. Custer is an impressive PG who can break free from his opponent and has a good mid-range shot. Tsalmpouris is a no name Center from Greece, but uses his 7'1" frame and various techniques to score. Recruiting services don't know who he is. Iowa State will lose some valuable players, but won't lose much with the addition of these two recruits.
  • 2015 Recruiting Class - Iowa State doesn't have any 2015 commits yet, but the Cyclones are going after some big names for 2015. Some big names that Iowa State are going after are Cheick Diallo (100 rated PF), TTU target Alex Illikainen (91 rated PF) and Chris Clarke (96 rated SG). I'm sure Iowa State are recruiting some lower guys harder, but I don't know enough about Iowa State recruiting to know who they'll after. I mean, they got a damn European last year. Iowa State has around 3 scholarships to use next year.

Kansas Jayhawks:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 13th, 2013 - 2nd )

Cliff Alexander Kelly Oubre Devonte Granham Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk
100 rated PF 100 rated SG 92 rated PG 97 rated SG

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (4th overall) - Kansas is Kansas, so they always get great recruiting classes. Last year they got two top picks in Wiggins and Embiid, and this year they get Alexander and Oubre. Alexander is the Wiggins of Kansas's class this year, with a powerful, unstoppable force underneath the basket. Oubre is an athletic SG with a quick first step and shot. As for the rest of the class, you have Granham with quick feet and range, along with a stud foreign player in Myphailiuk. Kansas should be favorites to win the Big XII again in 2014.

  • 2015 Recruiting Class - Kansas, like Iowa State, has no commits thus far. But they are Kansas, and they always get the players they want late in the recruiting cycle. Kansas is going up head to head with Kentucky for some of the Top players in nation, including Malik Newman (100 rated SG), Cheick Diallo (100 rated PF) and Carlton Bragg (99 rated PF). While Kansas doesn't have any open scholarships for 2015, two or three commits will likely leave for the draft, opening up roster spots. Kansas looks like it could have another high class this year.

Kansas State Wildcats:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 80th, 2013 - 57th)

Malek Harris Stephen Hurt Tre Harris
91 rated SF 91 rated JUCO PF NR SG

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (52nd overall) - Kansas State hasn't had the "best" classes the past two years, but they were able to find some gems, including the always impressive Marcus Foster. This year, they improved on their recruiting grabbing two blue chip athletes in Malek Harris and Hurt. Malek Harris is a big SF who isn't afraid to get physical and Hurt is a JUCO Center who could help Kansas State's front court right away. Also, Tre Harris can play both offense and defense well. Kansas State will be improved for the 2014 season.
Eric Cobb
85 rated PF

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (50th overall) - Kansas State only has two scholarships seniors for 2014, so they'll likely only get two recruits for 2015 unless someone transfers. They already have one recruit for 2015 in Eric Cobb, who is a mid 3-star PF. Some recruits that K-State is going after for 2015 are CJ Williamson (major Tech target), Wendall Mitchell (88 rated SG) and Juwan Morgan (94 rated PF). Interesting to see how this 2015 class ends up.

Oklahoma Sooners:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 47th, 2013 - 81st )

Khadeem Lattin Dante Budford Jamuni McNeace
94 rated PF 90 rated PF 84 rated C

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (49th overall) - Oklahoma had an impressive 2014 recruiting class that should help Oklahoma compete in the Big XII again in 2014. They got a lengthy post prescience in Lattin, who can use his power and size to disrupt the paint. Budford is an athlete PF with a good mid-range shot. McNeace is a tall body from Allen that could help bring depth to the center position. Oklahoma has stacked up on big men this class in order help compete with the rest of the league. They should be impressive again this year.
Akolda Manyang
94 rated JUCO C

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (36th overall) - Oklahoma has two graduating seniors this year, and likely no one that will get drafted, so unless someone transfers, it looks like Oklahoma will have two scholarships this year. One recruit the Sooners got was Akolda Manyang, who dominated the JUCO ranks with his big 7'0" frame and quick movements. When he gets on campus, he could possibly start right away and become a force in the paint. As for recruits, Shake Milton (89 rated SG) is a guy Oklahoma is currently going after, along with Christian James (83 rated PF). Oklahoma should be set for 2015.

Oklahoma State Cowboys:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 41st, 2013 - 44th)

Jeff Newberry Tyree Griffin Joe Burton Mitch Solomon Tavarius Shine
89 rated JUCO PG 83 rated PG 93 rated SF 89 rated PF 84 rated SF

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (30th overall) - Oklahoma State had a lot of recruits for the 2014 class, with players like Smart and Brown leaving and seniors graduating. The Cowboys got a quick JUCO PG in Newberry to replace Smart, a PF in Solomon that can stretch the floor in Solomon and a small PG in Griffin that flipped over from UTEP last minute. OKST also got two small forwards, including an athlete Burton who's not afraid to attack the basket and a good player in Shine. OKST will likely see a drop with the departure of Smart and Brown, but they have to pieces to be able to recover.
  • 2015 Recruiting Class - It looks like OKST will have a lot of scholarships available in 2015, with what looks like 5 graduating seniors. This gives the Cowboys a lot of room to work with for the 2015 class. It seems like Oklahoma State already has two commits, but 247sports doesn't list them on their site. JUCO PF Igor Ibaka, brother of Serge Ibaka, committed to the Cowboys in mid-June and could join the team in the Spring Semester of next season. They also got a commit from tall JUCO C Anthony Allen, who could help bring height to the line-up. Some more recruits that OKST is going after are Ty Hudson (87 rated PG), Austin Pope (87 rated JUCO PG) and Jordan Murphy (88 rated PF)

TCU Horn Frogs:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 68th, 2013 - 40th)

Chauncey Collins Link Kabadyundi
81 rated PG NR C from Quebec

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (152nd overall) - TCU did quite impressive in their first recruiting class as members of the Big XII, bringing in two starters in 4-star C Shepherd and 3-star SF Parish. In 2014 however, their recruiting efforts did not go well as the previous years. They got a 3-star PG in Collins, who has a nice floater and isn't afraid to attack the rim. They also got a big 7'1" Canadian center in Link, who is big presence on the defensive end. Some analysis think TCU has a chance to finish 9th in the Big XII, but it'll be hard to go from 0 Big XII wins to what probably would be 3 wins.
  • 2015 Recruiting Class - TCU doesn't have a commit for this class, and they likely won't get a lot. They will only have around 2 scholarships this year, so they'll only get 2 or 3 commits. 247sports doesn't list a whole bunch of recruits for the Horn Frogs. They are going after Grant Troutt, a NR PG from Dallas. who could help at the PG position with Anderson leaving after this season. They are also going after a teammates of Troutt in Djery Baptiste (89 rated C). TCU will have to have another averagae recruiting class if they wish to contend in the Big XII

Texas Longhorns:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012-11th, 2013 - 46th )

Myles Turner Jordan Barnett
100 rated C 89 rated SF
  • 2014 Recruiting Class (31st overall) - Texas has gotten a lot of young talent over the past two years (Kendall Yancy, Cameron Ridley), and they continued to add talent in 21014. First off, they got a Top 10 player in Myles Turner, a big, powerful, athletic Center who can dominate the paint and stretch the floor when needed. Barnett is a 3-star SF that is an all around scorer and can go up for the shot at any time. Texas will likely finish high in the Big XII this year, and could break Kansas's streak of winning the Big XII.
  • 2015 Recruiting Class - Texas only has one graduating senior this year, but possibly two or three more could go pro. The Longhorns are in contention for some of the best players in the Big XII once again. including DJ Hogg (97 rated PF), Tyrone Taylor (NR CG) and Doral Moore (96 rated C). Texas will likely be able to grab another 4-star recruit in 2015 and once again have a chance to overtake Kansas in 2015.

West Virginia Mountaineers:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 36th, 2013 - 19th)

Jaysean Paige Jevon Carter Daxter Miles Billydee Williams Tarik Phillip
85 rated JUCO SG 82 rated PG 84 rated  PG 85 rated JUCO SG NR JUCO PG
  • 2014 Recruiting Class (84th overall) - WVU saw a drop in the ranks after two impressive seasons in 2012 and 2013. Maybe it could be because of their below average record in the Big XII, who knows. The Mountaineers got all guards for the 2014, including 3 JUCO Guards. Those include the talented Paige, an athletic Phillip and SPC's own Billydee Williams. They also got two HS guards in Carter and Miles, who can learn under the set of guards already on the roster. Interesting to see how WVU does this season and how it affects its recruiting in 2015.
Levi Cook James Bolden
88 rated C 88 rated PG
  • 2015 Recruiting Class (23rd overall) - Doesn't look like WVU's mediocrity will affect their recruiting too much. West Virginia already has two impressive recruits for 2015. First off, they have Huntington native Cook, who is a big bodied center who will be hard to move. You also have yet another PG for the Mountaineers in Bolden, who is a smaller PG with explosiveness and great handles. As for recruits, WVU is in pretty good position for  fellow Huntington native Thomas Bryant (98 rated PF) and Esa Ahmad (93 rated PF), along with going after another Huntington recruit in Montaque Gill-Caesar (96 rated SG). West Virginia could build a big class in 2015.

Texas Tech Red Raiders:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 92nd, 2013 - 106th)

DeVaugntah Williams Justin Jamison Keenan Evans Justin Gray Norense Odiase Zach Smith
85 rated CG 84 rated JUCO PF 83 rated PG 85 rated SG 84 rated PF 70 rated SF

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (88th overall) - Tech's program has been a disaster in recent years, with coaches leaving and getting in trouble, along with players transferring out. Tech needed bodies for 2014, so they got 6 commits in the class. They got a group of JUCO teammates in Williams and Jamison, who should get quality time right away, along with 4 high schools. Gray is an athletic SG who has the body to transformer into a big time player, Evans is a speedy PG with great vision, Odiase is a big bodied PF and Smith is a highlight dunker who could be a hidden gem. Tech didn't do well in the rankings, but they did the best they could for a struggling program and got bodies that have potential.
  • 2015 Recruiting Class - Tech only has 3 scholarships for 2015, and with less scholarships and Tubby's history, the Red Raiders have a chance of grabbing some good recruits. They are going after some big names in the 2015 class like Kaiser Gates (93 rated SF), Malik Beasley (98 rated SG) and Jarvis Johnson (91 rated PG). While they probably won't get those names, they are working hard to try and grab one. They are also going after impressive recruits like Samir Sehic (89 rated C), Hunter Shelton, CJ Williamson (NR SF) and Thaddeus Hall (NR JUCO SG). It'll still be couple years before Tech makes noise in the Big XII

If I missed out on anything important regarding your team's recruiting class, feel free to comment and express your opinion on your team's class. Here's my review my Big XII recruiting if you missed it