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Texas Tech Links: Texas Tech Picked to Finish 6th; Beilema & Brown Set Us Straight

Texas Tech is picked to finish 6th in the Big 12. Arkansas head coach Bret Beilema and Chip Brown are dropping truth bombs. Plus, there are ten Red Raiders set to enter the SWC Hall of Fame.

Rich Schultz

Texas Tech picked to Finish 6th. Those media sons of guns have only picked Texas Tech to finish 6th in the Big 12 in the media preseason poll.  The order is Oklahoma, Baylor, Kansas St., Oklahoma St., Texas and then your Red Raiders.

Bielema Continues to Speak Without Facts. Arkansas head coach Bret Beilema continues to say that the hurry-up-no-huddle offenses are more dangerous, and says it is FACT, but doesn't have any data to prove that opinion:

"Not to carry from last year but I'm probably more of a reality-based movie guy more than fiction," said Bielema, who lobbied for a 10-second minimum between plays. "I deal more in what I know, what I see, what I believe. Have I softened in my view of fast-paced offenses? If you ask me in that tense, you're asking me have I softened my view on player safety. The answer would be no."

Give 'em hell coach.

Chip Brown Sets Us Straight. Chip Brown, our buddy, says that this whole nonsense about how Texas offered Nick Saban is complete crap.  Crap I tell you.  Well, he says it is fiction.  And we can trust Brown because he's never been wrong about any sort of rumor regarding anything that Texas or the SEC or Texas A&M or anything like that. Preach:

And if this ridiculous, $100 million myth pulled from a tweet by an Oklahoma sportscaster (that also included Texas allegedly giving away 1 percent of ESPN's property), is being used to sell the book, then it should be noted for what it is.


When I called one of the Saban-supporting Texas power brokers Wednesday about what's allegedly being written in Finebaum's book, I was told:

"This is just made up bullsh!t."

Concept Soccer Kits. Twitter person Kevin Ives (@AUPPL) who helps write College and Magnolia, the Auburn Tigers blog, did some really cool (and fictional) concept soccer kits for the Big 12.

One other thing. Anyone think that its a coincidence that Brown and Ubben now both work for Fox Sports.  You heard it here first.

Ten Red Raiders to SWC Hall of Fame. Congrats to the ten, yes, ten Red Raiders headed to the SWC Hall of Fame:

Gabe Rivera and Zach Thomas highlight a list of eight former Texas Tech student-athletes who will be inducted into the Southwest Conference Hall of Fame this fall. Gerald Myers and Polk Robison, meanwhile, will be inducted as student-athletes, coaches and administrators.

Rivera and Thomas join fellow Red Raider greats Clint Bryant (baseball), Dub Malaise (men's basketball), Bubba Jennings (men's basketball), Krista Kirkland-Gerlich (women's basketball), Michi Atkins (women's basketball), Amanda Banks (track and field).

Amaro Ready. Jace Amaro is ready for the challenge in the NFL:

"I went through almost 22 practices, or something like that, and I felt good about it," Amaro said. "It's definitely a transition. It just took me a little bit from the playbook standpoint. It's just a little bit different, but toward the end, I felt really comfortable. I felt like I could really fit in here. I'm real excited about the season."