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Nigel Bethel, II Cleared by Grand Jury

Nigel Bethel, II, is cleared by a Lubbock grand jury, with this grand jury requesting that Bethel be reinstated to the team.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Nigel Bethel, II, has been cleared by  Lubbock grand jury and the grand jury has asked that he be reinstated to the football team after he was dismissed for hitting Amber Battle, who broke a bone in her face and was suspended for the month of November.  KCBD reports that the letter from the grand jury to Texas Tech athletic director, Kirby Hocutt, supported Bethel's reinstatement to the team:

"We believe he was unduly and prematurely punished. This was an unfortunate incident in a pick-up basketball game. This is a matter that should not result in criminal charges for either party.

"Any assault does deserve immediate action, however, please ensure all testimonies, evidence and circumstances are reviewed prior to taking action which may forever alter a person's future.

"We desire to see Mr. Bethel's scholarship re-instated. If he is re-instated, it is our belief that his consequences should not be greater than those of Ms. Battle. If he is not re-instated, a public exoneration of his character on the part of Texas Tech University should be forthcoming, since Mr. Bethel's future opportunities for an education as well as an athletic career have been jeopardized."

Bethe's attorney spoke to ESPN, who gave a summary of the events as well as disappointment of the circumstances:

"As Bethel turned to go back down the court, Battle swung and punched Bethel in the head," Payne said. "Bethel's body language showed he had been struck, and he immediately turned toward Battle and struck her with his right hand on the left side of her face."

Payne said there was no additional fighting beyond Bethel's punch and that reports that Battle suffered a broken jaw were incorrect.

"My biggest issue with this was the lack of due process," Payne said. "This kid, in less than 48 hours, without even anyone seeing the video or reading the reports or even getting the truth, gets kicked out for no cause other than what they've heard. If this had been a normal student, it wouldn't have happened."

As mentioned above, the grand jury hopes that Bethel can be reinstated to the team, but it is unclear if this is what Bethel wants at this time.