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Texas Tech Links: Texas Tech Commits at The Opening; Tubby Smith Continues to Amaze; Dauphine Talks Recruiting

We get a terrific look at the two Texas Tech commits at The Opening, as well as Fehoko being one of a few players who is one of the elite athletes coming out of Hawaii. Texas Tech commit RB Corey Dauphine talks recruiting. And Tubby Smith continues to support a family of a player that never played for him at Kentucky.

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Texas Tech has Elite Commits at The Opening. Well, this makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.  Wreck'Em 24/7's Landon Wright had an extensive Q&A with 24/7 recruiting analyst Barton Simmons about Texas Tech commits, QB Jarrett Stidham and DT Breiden Fehoko.  You really need to click on over and read the whole thing because they discuss both of those players, as well as Tyrone Johnson and what it would mean if he committed as well as the current trajectory of recruiting for Texas Tech. Since it is Sunday and not everyone is near a computer, I'll probably link to this again on Monday, but here's a taste.

Since we've talked to much about the performances of Fehoko and Stidham, Wright asked Simmons the prospect of Stidham and Johnson teaming up:

"That would be a scary combo. Tyron Johnson has that physical ability to be a quarterback’s best friend because he can be a bail-out kind of guy. He can be a guy that you can really throw the ball up to and let him run and go get it, or throw it up and let him out-physical a cornerback for. I think with Stidham’s ability to extend plays and his arm, those two would have an opportunity to make a lot a lot of big, explosive plays on the next level. If that’s able to come to fruition, I think that’s something to be really excited about."

And Wright also asked about how recruits and how players can recruit for the program:

"I think they’re starting to turn the corner on recruiting. Year 1 they took their swings and I think with Stidham in the boat, if they can keep him on board, they’ve already hit on a guy like Breiden Fehoko. I think those are the type of guys that have the sort of ability to be tipping points on the recruiting trail. I think Tyron Johnson would be a huge get, to go into Louisiana and get a guy like that in LSU’s backyard. One or two guys can easily turn into a lot more when they’re at that level and I think in particular a guy like Fehoko who is really active on social media wants the spread the word about Texas Tech. Those are the types of guys that definitely are big gets, not just for what they can do on the field, but for what they can do to a class and start to build some of that momentum, where they’re able to pull more of these types of guys consistently."

Again, go read the whole thing.  I should also mention that Landon Wright announced last night that he's starting his coaching career and will no longer be writing for 24/7 Sports.  Congrats to Landon on the new gig!

Fehoko and the Hawaiians. Scout has a list of the elite Hawaiian players that a part of the 2015 class and this includes Breiden Fehoko:

Breiden Fehoko: At 6-3 290 pounds, there is not a single high school football prospect that has strength to rival Fehoko. The Farrington defensive tackle has numbers that would have placed amongst the top at the 2014 NFL combine. Fehoko's 37 reps of 225 on the bench press is well documented. Additionally, Fehoko claims a max bench of 485, he can squat 625, and power cleans 305 lbs. Despite being so strong, he is also incredibly athletic. Fehoko runs a 4.9 40 and can dunk a basketball with ease at 290 pounds. As a junior, he wracked up 24.5 sacks and 12 forced fumbles. Texas Tech certainly has one of the biggest freaks in the class of 2015 heading their way next year.

Uluave Releases Top Five. Also mentioned in the aforementioned article about the top players from Hawaii for the 2015 class is OL Fred Ulu-Perry, who just committed to UCLA over the weekend, but may still take a visit to Texas Tech, and OL Semisi Uluave, who lists Texas Tech as part of his top five, which also includes Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, UCLA and Oregon. Uluave just got his 4th star from Rivals.

Dauphine Talks Recruiting. Soft Texas Tech RB commit Corey Dauphine talks quite a bit about recruiting and how he is still considering Texas Tech, but is also considering Baylor, Texas A&M, possibly Florida, Georgia (Dauphine says Georgia State, but must mean Georgia, right?) and Arkansas:

"I would disagree because I'll look at all of them," Dauphine said. "I'm still interested in Tech, Texas A&M and Baylor, just seeing whoever got the best feeling when I'm there and that's what I'm going to go off of.

"Florida, Arkansas, and Georgia State are trying to get in the picture too. I've been talking to them pretty much every day so I might try to check them out too."

Tech commits Jarrett Stidham and Breiden Fehoko have been active on the recruiting trail for Texas Tech and talk of them possibly losing their future teammate before they ever suit up together has not gone unnoticed. Those two have picked up efforts to hang to him and time will tell if it's a success.

I don't have a clue what Dauphine is going to do, but as I have mentioned before, I'm sure that Kingsbury and Jinks have a contingency plan.

Davis with the Rams. Turf Show Times takes a look at the roster spot that Cody Davis hopes to have with the St. Louis Rams.

Smith Continues to Amaze. I had no idea about this story until this started to see some traction over the last few days, but there was a top 50 player, John Stewart, that never had the chance to play for Tubby Smith at Kentucky because he died suddenly during a high school playoff game from a heart defect.  Stewart's parents formed a non-profit charity, that Tubby continues to serve on and help fund raise and they recently made a documentary about his all too short life.  Smith said that Stewart was good enough to lead Kentucky to multiple national titles, but all of that changed:

"He would've taken us to the next level. I don't think people understand that," said Smith, who left Kentucky for Minnesota in 2007 and is now the head coach at Texas Tech. "He was a pro. He was going to be one of the best big men I ever coached. We had Nazr Mohammed, Jamaal Magloire, and he was on that level. We would've won another championship. During that period is when we had a chance to keep the team at that elite level.

"I'm talking about going to championship after championship. I'm talking about national championship. But God has a plan for us, and John's plan is still flourishing. His legacy is still flourishing."

Welp. FoxSports' David Ubben revealed how he voted in the Big 12 Media Poll, which included Texas Tech just being the 4th best team in the Big 12 and a dark horse candidate in the Big 12:

4. Texas Tech - The Red Raiders are my dark horse. Tech has a lot to prove up front defensively after losing Kerry Hyder, Dartwan Bush and Will Smith, but its offense is the Big 12's second-best and will keep Tech in games.

I wish he would just come out and say that he hates us instead of voting Texas Tech in the top half of the Big 12 and toying with my emotions.