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Football Recruiting in the Big XII: How are the other Big XII teams doing?

You probably know a bit about Texas Tech and their commits, but how much do you know about the other Big XII teams? This story is here to show you how the other teams are doing


This is a non-biased opinion of recruiting around the Big XII. I'm not trying to condemn one team and purposely make them look bad. Also, I do not watch all these teams games and I don't heavily follow their recruiting, so please excuse me for missing some info if you're a fan of one of the other teams. Big XII forever.

I'm sure most of y'all reading this have some idea of Texas Tech recruiting, with the highly rated players in Stidham and Fehoko to some relative unknowns in Hinton and Ellison. However, not everyone in the Big XII knows about these recruits, and you probably don't know much about the recruiting classes in the Big XII. Well no worries, because today we're going to look over the last two recruiting classes for every team in the Big XII. Now you'll know about the next "Bryce Petty" or "Eric Striker" or "Isiah Johnson (if you even know who he is)". So let's take a look and see how every other team is doing:

Baylor Bears:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 26th, 2013 - 27th)

KD Cannon Davion Hall Ishmael Zamora Terence Williams Chris Platt Jarell Broxton
98 rated WR 97 rated ATH 95 rated WR 93 rated ATH 88 rated WR 87 rated JUCO OG

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (26th overall) - Baylor keeps on putting tpgether good recruiting classes over the past few years, and it continued with the 2014 class. Baylor was able to pull together possibly the best WR core in the country for 2014 with Cannon, Hall, Zamora and Platt. They also got a stronger RB from Ennis named Terence Williams and some huge, talented guards in Jarell Broxton and Josh Pelzel. No doubt that Baylor has recruited well on the offensive end. On the defensive side, they did ok, but had some issues. 4-star LB T'Kevian Rockwell and James David didn't make it on campus, and outside Cordell Dorsey, JUCO CB Chris Sanders is the next highest defensive player at 86. Baylor does have a wide selection of defensive players for this class though, with Tech targets like Verkedric Vaughns and Josh Malin. Overall, this was another good class for Baylor with a few 4-stars and a crazy amount of offensive weapons that any offensive guru would want.
Chad President Blake Lynch JaMycal Hasty Devontre Stricklin Maurice Porter Jordan Tolbert
91 rated WR 94 rated ATH 93 rated RB 92 rated WR 92 rated JUCO OT 89 rated CB

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (36th overall) - Baylor already has some spectacular athletes for the 2015 class with explosive RB JaMycal Hasty, tall WR target Devontre Stricklin and possibly the best QB/WR duo in the south with Lynch and President. Baylor is also trying to add 4-star RB Soso Jambo and Chris Warren III to their commitment list. They also in the midst of adding some big defensive targets, as they have Jordan Tolbert committed and are in great position to get commitments from Tech targets Darrion Daniels (TTU legacy) and Kahlil Haughton. They've had some problems with the decommitments of Louis Brown and John Humphrey (which Lynch didn't like), but Baylor is looking to secure a bigger and better overall class this year. Baylor looks like they could be in contention for the Big XII for while.

Iowa State Cyclones:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 67th, 2013 - 61st)

Allen Lazard Michael Warren Mike Johnson Terry Ayeni Devron Moore Jauan Wesley
96 rated WR 87 rated RB 88 rated CB 92 rated JUCO DE 83 rated JUCO S 83 rated WR

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (57th overall) - Iowa State usually doesn't have very good recruiting classes. Maybe a few high to mid 3-star recruits and a bunch of low 3-star and 2-star recruits. The 2014 class looked like it was going to be another typical Iowa State class, with the tall speedy Michael Warren being the best recruit, but Iowa State had a tremendous weekend two weeks before NSD. They got a commitment from a Canadian DE in Aveni, a strong, long CB in Johnson and an extremely tall red zone threat in Lazard. While this won't translate to wins right away, this could give them the confidence on field and the recruiting path.

Bobby McMillen Byrce Meeker Seth Nerness Anthony Nelson Dominic DeLira Jordan Wallace
82 rated OLB 85 rated OT 79 rated ATH 79 rated WDE 79 rated PP QB 76 rated S

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (91st overall) - That's all the commits that Iowa State has right now. Not only do they not have a lot of commits, but the ones they have aren't highly rated. However, they did get a good LB in McMillen and did steal Byrce Meeker from in-state rival Iowa. As for targets, I'm not sure at this point who they could get. They aren't in great position for any 4-star recruits like last year, but they could add a few mid 3-star recruits this class like Aca'Cedric Ware, Brandon Scott and Connor Williams. Iowa State will have to get a mid 3-star recruits if they want to compete in the Big XII

Kansas Jayhawks:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 81st, 2013 - 48th)

Treavohn Wrench Kyron Watson Larry Mazyck Anthony Olobia Corey Avery DJ Williams
88 rated RB 87 rated OLB 89 rated JUCO OT 87 rated JUCO DE 85 rated ATH 86 rated DT

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (51st overall) - Kansas is improving and could be a mediocre football team by 2016. No that's not a misprint. In Weis's 2nd year as Kansas's coach, Weis was able to win recruiting battles and give Kansas a respectable recruiting class for the 2nd year in a row. They grabbed a powerful RB in Wrench, a hard hitting LB in Watson and two freakish JUCOs in Mazyck and Olobia. They beat out Nebraska and Texas for Avery, Oklahoma and Mizzou for Williams and Texas Tech and MIzzou for Daniel Wise. They also convinced former Tech commit Derrick Neal to not play with his twin at UTA and play at Kansas. They have a respectable recruiting class with several mid 3-star recruits. They could double their Big XII win total from 2013.

Cory Butler Ryan Willis Carl Thompson L.B. Bates Taylor Martin Will Smith
86 rated WR 87 rated QB 81 rated DT 81 rated JUCO CB 80 rated RB 81 rated OG

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (68th overall) - Kansas already has two good recruits for the 2015 class in Butler, who can catch anything it seems like, and Willis, who choose Kansas over in-state K-State. Butler will be a great addition to their attack and Willis has a chance to learn from Weis, who helped develop on of the greatest QB's of all time. Kansas is currently in great position for 4-star RB Tyreik Gray and talented TE Josh Moore, along with being in contetion for other 3-star recuits. Depending on how well Kansas can recruit in 2015 and 2016, and how other teams play, they could escape the bottom of the Big XII and possibly get a .500 record. It all depends on what Kansas does the next two years.

Kansas State Wildcats:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 74th, 2013 - 60th)

Terrell Clinkscales D'Vonta Derricott Dalton Risner Elijah Lee Luke Hayes Dalvin Warmack
96 rated JUCO DT 86 rated JUCO ILB 88 rated OC 89 rated OLB 87 rated JUCO OT 90 rated RB

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (49th overall) - Much like Kansas, K-State also has seen a jump in recruiting over the past couple years. It started by stealing JUCO DT Clinkscales from Nebraska and adding other highly rated JUCO players in Derricott and Hayes. They also were able to get a trio talented teammates from Blue Springs, Missouri with the bone crushing Lee, the small, speedy Warmack and big safety in Kaleb Prewett. They also were able to corrall in a bunch of JUCOs to give K-State depth on both offense in defense. Although did they did lose some commits (including two commits to Texas Tech). the Wildcats still finished with a respectable group of players. It's hard to figure out what K-State will do, with all the JUCOs in all, but in 2014, they had a better than usual class.

Alex Delton Scott Frantz Isaiah Zuber Kalin Heath Denzel Goolsby Adam Holtorf
87 rated DT QB 80 rated OT 84 rated WR 81 rated ATH 88 rated RB 82 rated DT

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (80th overall) - Kansas State only has 7 commits thus far in 2015, and it's looking like an average K-State class. Alex Dalton looks like he could be what Daniel Sams could've been for K-State, Zuber has great hands and Heath is a huge ATH that will be tough to take down. I think the Wildcats will start getting more JUCOs once the season starts, but as far as HS recruits go, I don't see a whole lot of great options for the Wildcats. I think that K-State will get in a bunch of good JUCO recruits and finish similarly like they did in 2013. Getting all these JUCOs works for the wizard, but when he leaves, how well will K-State too. Kansas State will need to get some more talented HS players to prepare when Bill Synder eventually retires.

Oklahoma Sooners:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 12th, 2013 - 16th)

Joe Mixon Michiah Quick Steven Parker Mark Andrews Justice Hanson Dallas Todd
98 rated RB 95 rated ATH 92 rated S 95 rated WR 93 rated DT QB 94 rated WR

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (14th overall) - Just another season of Oklahoma getting a bunch of top recruits. With tall top tier WRs like Todd, Andrews and Jeffery Mead, to stellar O-linemen like Natrell CurtisAlex Dalton and Kenyon Frison, and a play making DT QB in Hansen. On top of all of that, they got an impossible to tackle RB in 5-star Joe Mixon. OU already had one of the top defenses in 2013, but they needed a little help on offense, and they got exactly what they needed in 2014 class. They didn't shy away completely from the defensive side of the ball though, as they were able to grab an all-around safety in Parker and plenty of other talents secondary players. They are riding high off the Alabama victory and should continue to get more great recruits for 2015
Rodney Anderson PJ Mbanasor Marquise Overton Bobby Evans Jamile Johnson Dominque Hearne
95 rated RB 93 rated DB 95 rated DT 92 rated OT 89 rated S 88 rated OG

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (45th overall) - It may be weird to see Oklahoma so low, but that's only because they only have 7 recruits as of now. A lot of guys they are going after will likely decide down the road. However, they do have some great recruits already, including Anderson, who has good balance and speed, Mbanasor, who impressed many scouts at The Opening, and Overton, who is consistent defensive presence in the middle. Not only that, but they are in great posititon with some of the top athletes, including Soso JamaboDu'Vonta LampkinJalin Barnett and Josh Wariboko. Sooners are looking once again like they're going to have the best recruiting class in the Big XII.

Oklahoma State Cowboys:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 32nd, 2013 - 32nd)

Tyreek Hill Devon Thomas Gyasi Akem Mason Rudolph Keenen Brown Chris Hardeman
97 rated JUCO RB 94 rated RB 90 OLB 90 rated PP QB 88 rated WR 88 rated CB

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (28th overall) - One thing I noticed about Oklahoma State's class is that they're consistent with their classes. They get a few 4-stars and a bunch of high to mid 3-star recruits. The Cowboys were able to get two speedy RBs in Hill and Thomas, a quick LB in Akem and small, but playmaking CB in Hardeman. They also got a bunch of athletes that they can place on the offensive or defensive end, which makes the class better than it seems. For an OKST that's trying to win a Big XII title again, this is a good recruiting class have.

Ronald Jones II Jaylon Lane John Kolar Kenneth McGruder Johhny Wilson Taaj Bakari
93 rated RB 89 rated CB 89 rated DT QB 86 rated S 86 rated OG 85 rated DT

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (46th overall) - Oklahoma State looks to be on pace to have another good recruiting class. They already have a incredible 4-star RB in Ronald Jones, some of the more underrated DBs in Lane and McGruder, and DT QB with a big arm in Kolar. They have a bunch of big names looking at Oklahoma State also. Tyron Johnson, KJ Hill and Carlos Strickland are all WRs that are looking at the Cowboys, and players like Will Sunderland and Joshua Jones are also considering Oklahoma State. OKST will have another top class in 2015, and another year of being able to compete in the Big XII.

TCU Horn Frogs:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 29th, 2013 - 35th)

Varshaun Nixon Emanuel Porter Forster Sawyer Kenny Iloka Ty Barrett Nick Foster
94 rated RB 89 rated WR 87 rated PP QB 87 rated JUCO S 87 rated OT 90 rated CB

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (42nd overall) - TCU has not done as well as recent years. My guess would be because they have entered a new conference and haven't done as well, causing them to not get as good recruits. They still have had some good players committed though, with the elusive and versatile Nixon, a former UT commit in Porter, and a pair of impressive JUCO teammates in Iloka and Frank Kee. However, TCU did get a lot of offensive players, which was much needed. I don't see TCU going 4-8 again in the Big XII. With newcomers through recruiting and transfers, they'll most likely improve on their 2013 record.

Breylin Mitchell JF Thomas Cody Ford Tony James Joesph Broadnax Semaj Thomas
88 rated DE 85 rated WR 88 rated OT 90 rated ATH 87 rated DT 87 rated ILB

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (27th overall) - TCU has a good class for 2015 thus far, being 27th in the nation and all, but that may all be because they have 16 commits, about 6 more than the average Big XII squad. They are pretty split between defensive and offensive recruits, with players like Breylin Mitchell, the explosive Tony James and the consistent tackler in Semaj Thomas. Unfortunately for TCU, 3 out of their top 6 players are currently predicted to go elsewhere and Broadnax is starting to get major attention from other programs. I don't know situation well, but just that's something to keep an eye on. As for recuiting, TCU are looking to add recruits like Joshua JonesTyler Higby and Holton Hill.

Texas Longhorns:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 2nd, 2013 - 17th)

Derick Roberson Jerrod Heard Armanti Foreman Edwin Freeman Lorenzo Joe Donald Catalon
96 rated DE 96 rated DT QB 94 rated WR 90 rated OLB 90 rated WR 94 rated RB

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (17th overall) - After Mack Brown left, some recruits left, including many DTs, but Texas was able to hold on to their class and finish in the Top 20. This includes the freaky athletic Roberson, the Kaepernick like Heard, the dynamic WR duo of Foreman and Joe, and the powerful OLB Freeman. Also, good news for Longhorn fans, Poona Ford has been cleared the join Texas, a huge boost for the DT needed Longhorns. Despite the coaching changes, Texas was still able to put a very good recruiting class that will keep them in connection for a Big XII title.

Toby Weatherby Patrick Vahe Zach Gentry Jordan Stevenson Deshon Elliot Tristian Houston
93 rated OT 94 rated OG 90 rated PP QB 90 rated RB 89 rated S 90 rated RB

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (19th overall) - Texas has the best class in the Big XII thus far with 11 commits, all of them being high 3-stars or higher. Even though they now have to compete (and recently, lost) many recruiting battles with A&M, they are still on pace to have a Top 20 class once again. I'm not 100% sure if they'll get a Top 10 class, but they'll definitely have a good class. They already have two very good linemen in Weathersby and Vahe, along with two smaller, speedy backs in Stevenson and Houston. The Longhorns are also in great position for Kendall SheffieldMalik JeffersonChris Warren and Anthony Wheeler. My bet is that Texas has a Top 10 class when it's all said and done.

West Virginia Mountaineers:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 36th, 2013 - 31st)

Dravon Henry Donte Thomas-Williams William Crest Ricky Rogers Lamar Parker Davonte James
94 rated ATH 89 rated RB 90 rated PP QB 86 rated WR 85 rated WR 90 rated ILB

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (38th overall) - West Viriginia had another respectable recruiting class in 2014, and while not as well as 2013, still fairly good. They were able to grab some players makers on the offensive side of the ball with a big back in Thomas-Williams, the big armed PP QB in Crest, the tall WR Rogers and elite speed WR in Parker. Despite recruiting success, WVU still finished low in the Big XII. Holgorsan will likely need to finish higher this year to avoid being fired. WVU has to start having more success in the Big XII with the recruiting classes it has.
Jovon Durante Kendrell McFadden Matt Jones Stone Wolfley Jordan Adams Alex Anderson
94 rated WR 90 rated S 83 rated OT 88 rated DE 87 rated ATH 89 rated RB

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (24th overall) - Not a bad class for WVU,  who are 24th overall, but already have 13 recruits committed to the program. They have their fair share of offensive and defensive players, with an outstanding athlete in Durante, the lengthy McFadden, the strong OT in Jones and the versatile DE in Wolfley. Durante is right now projected to go to Alabama or Miami, but I don't know enough about the situation to comment on it. As for targets, WVU could grab players like DT QB Lamar JacksonJordan Whitehead and Sheldrick Redwine. West Virginia needs another good class here to compete in the Big XII.

Texas Tech Red Raiders:

Class Ranks according to 247sports (2012 - 27th, 2013 - 46th)

Josh Keys Payton Hendrix Patrick Mahomes Justin Stockton Ian Sadler Rika Levi
89 rated JUCO DB 88 rated S 88 rated DT QB 87 rated RB 85 rated WR 91 rated JUCO DT

  • 2014 Recruiting Class (41st overall) - Not bad for Kingsbury's first year recruiting. The Red Raiders were able to grab two lengthy, playing making S's in Keys and Hendrix, a raw DT QB in Mahomes, an extremely fast RB in Stockton and a 380 lb DT in Levi. Texas Tech also had a 4-star speedy CB in Nigel Bethel, but unless you've been living under a rock, you know about him. Tech got a bunch of DBs in this class to help with their secondary problems, along with a bunch of JUCO D-linemen to help with defensive line depth. The Red Raiders did well in Kingsbury's first year with a freshmen QB, and with a favorable schedule next year, Tech could get a better than expected record, which could help them with recruiting.

Jarrett Stidham Breiden Fehoko Lio Lafaele Jonathan Giles D'Vonta Hinton Trace Ellison
96 rated DT QB 97 rated DT 87 rated JUCO OT 84 rated ATH 82 rated ILB 83 rated OT

  • 2015 Recruiting Class (49th overall) - Texas Tech showed early on that they were going for the big recruits this year. They quickly were able to get commits from two of the top 50 players in the nation with Elite 11 QB Jarrett Stidham and the powerful but agile DT Breiden Fehoko. Along the way, they also grabbed two big O-linemen, an explosive athlete and a HS tackle leader in Hinton. Tech also has a commit in Corey Dauphine, but he's rethinking his decision and could go to A&M or Baylor. As for targets, Tech leads for 5-star WR Tyron Johnson and are in good position with Conner DyerBrandon Scott and Reggie Walker. The Red Raiders are going after several of the top recruits, and have a chance to have a Top 25 class when all things are said and done.

If missed out on anything important regrading your team's recruiting class, feel free to comment and express your opinion on your teams class.