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Possible Red Raiders: A Weekly Recruiting Update - 7/1/14

More visits planned (again), out of state offers and details on The Opening .Plus a look at Samir Sehic and Thaddeus Hall.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Samir Sehic - Power Forward / Center (Cypress Woods, Cypress, TX)

Height Weight
6'9" 250 lbs

Ratings: 89 by 247 / 79 by ESPN / 3-star by Rivals

Interest: Iowa (Warm), Texas Tech (Warm), Boston College (Cool), Wake Forest (Cool)

Samir Sehic has been on Texas Tech's radar for a while, but I haven't really said much about him because of the lack of news about Sehic. However, last Tuesday, Texas Tech offered the PF/C out of Cypress (Northwest of Houston). This is his first Big XII over and his 4th offer from a power conference. As far as I'm concerned, he hasn't visited anywhere yet, but he has said he will visit Iowa sometime in the future. Maybe we can get Sehic out to Lubbock for a basketball game sometime next year. Right now, he's a Top 20 center according to 247sports (183rd overall) and the 125th overall prospect according to Rivals. The Red Raiders have offered 5 centers so far for the 2015 class. Justin Jamison is the only true center on the roster, and Tech is in need of a young center this class. Now, let's take a Samir Sehic's highlights. Samir fights for every rebound, weather it's right in front of him or on the other side of the basket. He's good at tipping the ball in when the comes in his direction. As a big man, you want to keep the ball high, so smaller players can't poke at the ball. Along with his good rebounding and put-back skills, he also is an excellent passer. When he has the ball, if he doesn't see an open shot, he can kick the ball out impressively for wide open shots. He knows where his teammate is going to be and distributes the ball to him. Finally, he looks like he can stretch the floor pretty well. There wasn't a lot of shots, but he does looks to have pretty good form for a big man and knocks them down. I'm not sure of the timetable for Samir Sehic, but hopefully he'll come to Lubbock and take a closer look at Texas Tech before committing.

Thaddeus Hall - Small Forward (Lee College, Baytown, TX)

Height Weight
6'5" 200 lbs

Ratings: NR by 247 / NR by ESPN / NR by Rivals

Interest: South Carolina (Warm), Texas Tech (Warm), Baylor (Warm), Miami (Warm)

Thaddeus Hall is an interesting player. He was a high 3-star recruit out of high school in Brooklyn that committed to South Carolina. He didn't make the grades necessary to attend there, so he headed to Jones JC in Mississippi with a couple of his Jefferson HS teammates. In his one season there, they went 23-5 in the regular season and won the NJCAA championships (where Tubby Smith watched him play) as the 11th overall seed out of 20, beating #1 Indian Hills. Here is an article on the Brooklyn kids at Jones JC if you want to read it. The latest news on Hall is that he's transferring out of Jones JC and moving to Lee College right outside of Houston. I'm not sure why he is doing so, but the good news is that he'll be closer to Texas Tech and easier to recruit. Thaddeus holds multiple D-1 offers right now, including South Carolina, Baylor, Texas and Miami. South Carolina's coaching staff is different from the one that offered him out of high school, so there is no prior influence. Now, let's take a look at what Thaddeus Hall can do (Music NSFW). Unfortunately, I couldn't find any tape from his time at Jones JC, but I did find some from high school. What I like the most about Hall is his athleticism. He's quick and is an explosive athlete, helping him drive to the rim and create his own shot. He also looks like he has the ability to knock down his shots. On the defensive end, there was a play or two where he was able to jump in front of a pass and take it to the rim. His athleticism would help this Texas Tech squad that struggles to create their own shot. Hopefully Tubby and Co will continue recruiting him and possibly get him to where the red and black.

Here are some more updates:

Football 2015:

  • Tyron Johnson, 98 rated WR, was stated in an interview with that he will visit Arizona and Texas Tech this fall. He's not sure where the other 3 will be, but some options are LSU and OKST. He also stated he wants to be part of an Air Raid offense. Here's another article on his abilities that Seth C posted earlier this week
  • Breiden Fehoko, 97 rated DT, has decided he will no longer take any official visits (except maybe to Tech). He wants to focus on improving and staying committed to Texas Tech.
  • Lio Lafaele, 87 rated JUCO OT, will be taking officials once the fall comes. I'm not sure where they will be, but I bet one will be Tech. Oklahoma will likely be one too, as Bob Stoops has been taking to Lio.
  • Kendall Bussey, 87 rated ATH/RB, was offered by the Red Raiders this past week. He's currently committed to Nebraska, but I'm not sure how committed he is. Arky is also high on his list.
  • Kahlil Haughton, 86 rated S, looks to be making a decision soon according to teaser by Rival's twitter page. The safety has visited Lubbock twice and recently just visited. Baylor looks to be the favorite, but Tech has a lot going for them as of late.
  • Domonick Foy, NR JUCO TE, said on twitter he will visit Texas Tech and Mississippi at some point. Texas Tech is looking at a TE for either the 2015 or 2016 class.
  • Mitch Reilly, NR LB/S, plans on taking an unofficial visit at some point. He currently does not have a recruiting profile.
  • Ryan Davis, 88 rated WR, received an offer from the Red Raiders back in May. I know this is really late, but I totally forgot to mention it in May. He recently talked with Rivals about Tech, but info is behind paywall.
  • Josh Moore, 85 rated TE, made a Top 6 list this week and Tech was not on it. We really haven't heard from Moore this year, and it looks like he took several visits in 2014 and has moved on.
  • Gus Cumberlander, 80 rated DE, made a Top 5 and Tech wasn't on that on either. Tech just recently offered, but it looks like the interest came too late.

Basketball 2015:

  • Akolda Manyang, 94 rated JUCO C, committed to Oklahoma two weeks ago. Tech recruited him at the NJCAA Tournament, but ultimately thought Oklahoma was the best choice.
  • Hunter Shelton, NR SF, will be visiting Texas Tech soon. Last player to visit was Garrett Thibodeaux two weekends ago.

Football 2016+:

  • Jack Anderson, NR 2017 C, will be visiting Texas Tech for the West Virginia game this year. Tech is his only major offer as of right now.
  • Chanse Sylvie, NR 2016 CB, was offered by the Red Raiders two weeks ago. Just another offer for a kid from Louisiana.

The Opening:

The Opening rosters were release last week, and we got to see who made what roster. The Opening is similar to the Under Armor and Army All American game where the Top rated players in the country come together and compete. Right now, Tech has two commits in at The Opening in Jarrett Stidham and Breiden Fehoko. The QB's won't know what team they're on until July 9th, but here are some Tech recruits that are on Breiden's team:

  • Dru Samia, 88 rated OG, is a Poly Athlete also on team Mach Speed with Fehoko. Just picked up a Texas Tech offer a couple weeks back.
  • Holton Hill, 90 rated CB, is also on the Mach Speed squad. The DB has recently been really high on Texas and. A&M. Haven't seen much interest with Tech as of late.
  • JaMycal Hasty, 93 rated Baylor ATH, is also on Team Mach Speed. He visited Texas Tech during their Longview camp, but looks to be solid with Baylor right now.

Now let's look at what the other roster's and see what team would be most beneficial for Stidham to join:

  • Alpha Pro - George Campbell, Ryan Newsome, Kahlil McKenzie - We haven't heard of Campbell in a while, we didn't make Newsome's Top 5 and it doesn't look like we're getting McKenzie. However, maybe Campbell could look at Tech more or Newsome could change his mind after catching from Stidham.
  • Apocalypse - Malik JeffersonJustin Reid - This group also contains old targets like Rasheem Green and Jaylon Lane, but those two or the only realistic options left. Both play on defense though, and probably won't be influences much by Stidham.
  • Fly Rush - Kendall SheffieldKris BoydChris Clark - While I don't think Stidham would affect Sheffield's position at all, he has talked to Boyd before on twitter and could help influence him more after his visit to Tech. Clark is committed to Michigan and hasn't really been on Tech's radar for a while now.
  • Land Sharks - Tyron JohnsonKJ HillDonte Jackson - Ok, this one will obviously be the one we want Stidham to be in. You have the top WR that loves Tech and two WR targets that are keeping a close eye on the Red Raiders. Wouldn't that be sweet if our future QB could throw to them?

That was just kind of an idea about which top targets will be at The Opening next week. Maybe we'll get lucky and have Stidham drafted into the Land Sharks where he can throw to Johnson, Jackson and Hill.