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Mike Mitchell Talks to Fox Sports About His Transfer to Texas Tech

Ohio St. transfer, linebacker Mike Mitchell, spoke to Fox Sports and he talks about where he will play for Texas Tech as well as why he chose Texas Tech.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Aaron Torres of Fox Sports spoke with recent Texas Tech transfer, linebacker Mike Mitchell, about transferring to Texas Tech and where he thinks he might find himself in the Texas Tech defense.  And because it's really the first time that we've seen Mitchell speak about his transfer, make sure and click-clack on that link (who remembers those Under Armour commercials).  Perhaps the bit that interests me the most is the idea that defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt had worked on recruiting Mitchell when Wallerstedt was at Texas A&M and Mitchell talks about where he envisions Mitchell:

Everyone knows A&M for that explosive offense. What did Coach Wally tell you about how he plans to use you on defense?

He said exactly what you said: The team is known for the offense, but that they are really making strides on defense, too. He wants me to be one of those guys on defense (to take the team to the next level). He sees me playing inside and outside, in coverage, all over. He wants me coming from all different angles.

This really coincides about what I and DoubleTFaithful have thought about Mitchell, which was that there really isn't a spot where he's going to play, he's just going to play all over the field.  Personally, I think the weakside linebacker spot is the one that needs the most help and Mitchell would make an immediate impact there.  The problem for me is that you really don't want to stretch Mitchell so thin that he's trying to learn every position and then maybe he's not as effective than having him just at one spot.  I like the weakside linebacker spot and think that's a really good fit.

Mitchell also spoke about his style of play and what he can expect from a change in the Big Ten to the Big 12:

As you head to Tech, at least one major adjustment is the style of play. In the Big Ten, you were gearing up a lot more for power, run-oriented football, while in the Big 12 it's more about the quarterbacks. Have you given thought to the style of play at all?

I have. As you said, there is so much more spread in the Big 12. The quarterbacks can throw, but they're also running more now than they used to. With Texas Tech running a 3-4, I think it'll give me a lot of opportunities for success. As I mentioned earlier, I'll be used to cover passes, in the run, all over the place.

This really does make Mitchell a piece to the puzzle that's so rare for Texas Tech. A linebacker with legitimate size and speed that doesn't have to come off the field.  I think the Big 12 is a perhaps diagnosed a bit improperly as there are plenty of teams that run the ball and do it very well.  Still though, there's still the spread concept for a lot of teams that do run and that makes Mitchell really valuable in my estimation, which is that he can really play either way.

Mitchell was asked what it was about the Texas Tech program that helped make his decision to choose the Red Raiders:

And what let you know that Texas Tech was the right place for you?

It's like I said earlier, it was really just a comfortable level. Coach Wally has a plan for me (defensively). And Coach Kingsbury is a really good coach.

But most of all, I felt like the program has a lot of momentum. It's one of those places that you can go and really build your legacy. It's a place where you can do things that haven't been done before. Do things for the first time in program history.

Recruiting is great, there is a lot of young talent in the program, and more coming in. It's just something I want to be a part of.

This is maybe the best part. The last part. Which is that it's not just us who are unable to keep on our pants.  They see it too and it's a pretty special thing to think that we're really onto something that's just never happened at Texas Tech.  MikeTTU wrote about it on Saturday, which is that Mitchell and Breiden Fehoko have a chance to re-make this defense and that's pretty awesome.

Again, make sure and click-clack on that link (this is going to be a thing).