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Texas Tech Links: Baseball Team Returns Home; College of Charleston Ready; Track and Field Heading to NCAA's

The College of Charleston is ready for the Super-Regional and the Texas Tech baseball team returns home from winning their Regional in Miami. Jace Amaro talks about the goal of 100 catches with the NY Jets and the track and field team will send a handful of athletes to the NCAA Championships.

A surf boat crew prepare their boat for competition as the sun rises during the Australian Surf Rowers League Open Championships at Stockton beach on February 8, 2014 in Newcastle, Australia.
A surf boat crew prepare their boat for competition as the sun rises during the Australian Surf Rowers League Open Championships at Stockton beach on February 8, 2014 in Newcastle, Australia.
Mark Kolbe

College of Charleston Ready. The College of Charleston and Texas Tech will play a three game series, first team to two wins advances to Omaha and the College World Series.  The Cougars of the College of Charleston are ready:

The College of Charleston is preparing for another unlikely visit to Texas - this one for a Lubbock Super Regional against Texas Tech that starts Saturday. The Houston experience looks better by the precious postseason practice.

"We know what the atmosphere is like out there for games," senior outfielder Brandon Murray said. "We also know they will have bigger crowds at Texas Tech."

I also found this article about two players from the College of Charleston, but also found this bit about how the Cougars have young pitching as well that's stepping up to the situation:

Boykin said he wasn't surprised at all that his team was still practicing this week, and still talking to newspaper reporters. He credited pitching coach Matt Heath for the work he's done with Charleston's three starters, two freshmen --- Bailey Ober and Thornton --- and a redshirt sophomore --- Taylor Clarke -, and said that the team believed it was good enough to justify its current elite status.

Baseball Team Returns Home.

It Takes Just an Hour. Hopefully you were able to get tickets yesterday because the Super-Regional between the College of Charleston and Texas Tech sold out in an hour. If you are a student, you can get one of 350 tickets, first come first serve, starting this morning at 7:30 am at the north endzone of Jones AT&T Stadium.

About Those 100 Catches. NY Jets rookie tight end Jace Amaro talked about his goal to catch 100 passes and he realizes it won't be an easy task:

"I know my first year's going to be tough. It's always tough and if someone says it's not going to be, then they're crazy," Amaro said. "So I'm just going to come out here and play my game and do what I'm asked to do and do it the best way I can.

"I'm not saying I'm going to catch 100 balls. It's really just a goal of mine. Like I've said before, it could take five years, it could take 10 years. I think of course it's definitely attainable. I've done it before and I think I can do it again. But I haven't done it at the pro level so I think right now I'm just shooting to play my game."

Post Graduate Degrees.  Soccer player Hayley Haagsma and softball player Taylor Powell are set to receive post graduate degrees from the Dr. Prentice Gautt Postgraduate Scholarships. Congrats!

Hard-Hitting Journalism. Jimmy Trammel ranks the best looking Big 12 football coaches. There is no reason to actually click on this.

Track and Field 9th Heading into NCAA Championships. The track and field team will have the #9 team in the nation heading into the NCAA Championships in Eugene, Oregon next weekend.  Here are your participants:

Kennedy Kithuka - Men's 5,000m
Kennedy Kithuka - Men's 10,000m
Bradley Adkins - Men's High Jump
JaCorian Duffield -Men's High Jump
Kole Weldon - Men's Shot Put
Kole Weldon - Men's Discus

Cierra White - Women's 100m
Cierra White - Women's 200m
Le'Tristan Pledger - Women's 100H
Hannah Carson - Women's Javelin
Shanice Stewart - Heptathlon
Women's 4x400 Relay - Montenae Roye-Speight, Amoy Blake, Tiffany Tarver, Cierra White