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Texas Tech Links: Tadlock Receives Coach of the Year Award; Stidham Key to Stephenville; Moreno Reflects

Baseball coach Tim Tadlock accepts the Skip Bertman National Coach of the Year Award this weekend. Texas Tech commit Jarrett Stidham is the key to Stephenville's success. Dominic Moreno reflects on the trip to the World Seires.

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Tadlock Accepts National Coach of the Year Award. Congrats to baseball head coach Tim Tadlock for accepting the Skip Bertman National Head Coach of the Year Award:

Texas Tech Ranked #5 in Big 12 According to C&CM: The folks over at Crimson and Cream Machine think that Texas Tech is the #5 team in the Big 12 headed into 2014.

Stidham Key to Stephenville's Run. Texas Tech QB commit Jarrett Stidham is the key to Stephenville's success in 2014 and is excited to join Texas Tech:

"It's kinda a burden of my shoulders, and I'm glad to be a part of the Red Raider nation and we're going to get after it whenever I get up there. I guess there may be some pressure with expectations and stuff, but I really don't think about it. I just go out there and play ball with the guys," said Jarrett Stidham.

Moreno Reflects on World Series. Reliever Dominic Moreno reflected on his time at the World Series and says that although he was drafted, he's not worried about making a decision to sign with the St. Louis Cardinals:

"I'm not desperate to play pro ball. That's not my focus," he said. "If I come back, I'll be one year closer to my degree. Playing pro ball is something I've worked for my whole life, but I'm in a different position than a lot of players where I don't have to go right now."

Recapping -- Nigel Bethel, II Dismissed From Team. If you need to catch up, yesterday, football player Nigel Bethel, II, allegedly punched women's basketball player Amber Battle in the face, which resulted in a broken bone in her face and surgery. Bethel was then dismissed from the team yesterday afternoon. This was the statement that the athletic department released:

"Nigel Bethel II, a Texas Tech football student-athlete, has been dismissed from the team due to his role in an incident at the Texas Tech Student Recreation Center on Saturday, June 28. Texas Tech Athletics has a zero tolerance policy on this type of behavior."

I don't know how to wrap my head around all of the social implications regarding what's "right" and what's socially acceptable to do or not do to women and how any sort of argument is or isn't sexist because it's a tough thing to balance. I could really only give the advice that I give to Fitsum, which is we don't hit because hitting hurts (and eventually he would get kicked out of daycare which would create a whole set of new problems).

I suppose it doesn't matter who it is.  I've never been in a fight or been punched or anything remotely like that. I've walked away from plenty and that's the advice I've given Fitsum, who doesn't back down from anyone, which is to walk away.  This may not be the best advice, but I don't now what else to do because he's four and this is pretty simplistic right now. It still seems like decent advice overall. I don't ever want to see my kid hurt or blamed for something that he didn't do. Maybe later my advice will change. I try not to over-think things like this, which the advice of "don't be mean" seems to carry a lot of weight.