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Amber Battle Punched by Nigel Bethel, II

Reports surfaced that incoming Texas Tech football player Nigel Bethel, II, punched women's basketball player Amber Battle in the face breaking a bone.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The LAJ is reporting that incoming freshman football player, Nigel Bethel, II, punched Amber Battle in the face at the Recreation Center, breaking a bone in her face and will require surgery:

During a basketball game, freshman cornerback Nigel Bethel II reportedly punched Battle in the face, breaking a bone, the A-J has learned.

Blayne Beal, a Tech spokesman, confirmed there was an incident between two student athletes Saturday afternoon at the recreation center. Beal said campus officials are gathering information from both parties.

Tech women's basketball coach Candi Whitaker said she was unable to comment Saturday evening.

I won't speculate as to fault or what happened, because I don't know. Obviously, the thing that makes your stomach turn here is that Bethel hit a girl hard enough to break a bone in her face and require surgery.

And then, in the story, Bethel had the gall to Tweet that, "trouble always seems to find me . . . "  I can assure you when you assault a woman, no matter who is at fault, trouble will find you.