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Texas Tech Links: SB Nation's Texas Tech Preview; Marquez, Eguavoen & Williams at Big 12 Media Days

We take a look at SB Nation's preview of Texas Tech. Bradley Marquez, Sam Eguavoen and Kenny Williams will attend the Big 12 Media Days with Kingsbury and Wes Welker says that the playbook was one big joke.

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Connelly's Texas Tech Preview. SB Nation's Bill Connelly is working his way through the Big 12 and he got to his preview of the Red Raiders. This is really good (and before you criticize, just remember that it is incredibly tough to write about every team and this is always one of the best) and Bill thinks that Texas Tech struggles to win 6 games, largely because of the issues with the defense.  As a guy inside looking out, yes, I have no idea what to really expect from the defense, especially from the line and secondary. We just don't have a clue. We have hope and that's it.

Marquez, Eguavoen and Williams at Big 12 Media Days. Well, the Big 12 Media Days are just around the corner, July 21st and 22nd, and the contingent to go with head coach Kliff Kingsbury to Dallas is Bradley Marquez, Sam Eguavoen and Kenny Williams.

Welker Says Playbook Controversy a Joke. Well, don't pay any attention to the allegations that New England had the NY Jets playbook, it was just a joke:

"We used to always make stuff up with each other. Tom [Brady] got to know Mike as well," Welker said, adding that Brady was brought into the banter at Welker's wedding two years ago. "[Mike] used to say, ‘So and so will cover you in the game. No, actually we're going to double-team you.' So I'd make stuff up, ‘Oh, this is our game plan going into it.' Every once in a while you [say] something true just to throw them off. And [you'd] say, ‘Is that true? Would they do that?' "

Student-Athletes Bill of Rights. Well, coming right after closing arguments for O'Bannon vs. NCAA, Indiana released a Student-Athlete Bill of Rights, which gives student-athletes lots of things, including a lifetime degree guarantee, a four year scholarship commitment, an extensive medical exam at arrival, etc.

Final Ranking of 8. The Texas Tech baseball team finished 8th in the Collegiate Baseball, National Collegiate Baseball Writers' Association and USA Today Coaches' Poll.

Scouting Report on Tyron Johnson. This is pretty good, from, a very detail scouting report on WR Tyron Johnson, a guy that Texas Tech is hoping to secure a commitment. Interview with Johnson, his coaches and fellow teammates. Really nice production here.

Texas Tech Trainers Perform EKG's. On the heels of Isaiah Austin discovering that he has Marfan's Syndrome, which can initially be partially diagnosed, or at least clues about whether to look for it, with an EKG, Texas Tech apparently does perform EKG's and an echocardiogram on all incoming student-athletes, which is great:

"First off we do a complete and thorough history with each one of our athletes, both written and oral," Stovall said. "Then we put them through a station-based physical that includes specialists from all of those fields. Then they go through a clinical exam. At the end, the student-athlete sits down with the team physician and all of the information is reviewed. Any abnormal findings are discussed. If any follow-up care is needed, we arrange for that."