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2014 World Cup: USA vs. Portugal Open Thread

Let's do this.

Laurence Griffiths

Anyone wanting to discuss today's match between USA and Portugal, well, here you go. Here's the game details:

Today, 5:00 PM on ESPN • Group G

Arena Amazônia, Manaus

If you want any pre-game information, please check out SB Nation's home for the 2014 World Cup, but you should know that the US National Team will advance with a win today:

The United States are in a bit of an unexpected spot on Sunday. If they manage to defeat Portugal, they'll clinch a spot in the knockout stage of the World Cup before they ever take the pitch against Germany. And with Portugal's numerous injuries and suspensions -- plus the fact that they were downright awful against Germany -- that appears to be a real possibility.

But the Portugal camp says that Cristiano Ronaldo is completely fit, which would obviously be a problem for the United States. When he's at his best, Ronaldo is arguably the best player in the world, but he was average against Germany and looked limited in Portugal's pre-World Cup warm-up. His fitness, or lack thereof, could make all the difference for his team.

A draw isn't the end of the world for either team, but it would put Portugal in a situation where they'd have to hope for a combination of a multiple-goal win over Ghana and a multiple-goal win by Germany over the USA on the final day. And if Ghana beat Portugal after the USMNT draws this game, they automatically make up the goal differential between them if Germany beats the US by any margin.