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College Football Betting: Lines for Six Texas Tech Games Released

The Golden Nugget released early betting lines for six of Texas Tech's games in the 2014 season.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, the Golden Nugget released some incredibly too early betting lines for six of Texas Tech's games this fall, including Oklahoma St., Kansas St., West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma and Baylor.  Of those six games, Texas Tech is only favored in two of them, Texas and West Virginia.  All of the other games, Texas Tech is at least a touchdown underdog to Oklahoma St., Kansas St. and Oklahoma, and half a point of being a touchdown underdog to Baylor.

Thursday, September 25th
Texas Tech
Oklahoma St. -7

Saturday, October 4th
Texas Tech
Kansas St. -7

Saturday, October 11th
West Virginia
Texas Tech -10

Saturday, November 1st
Texas Tech -1

Saturday, November 15th
Oklahoma -10
Texas Tech

Saturday, November 29th
Baylor -6 1/2
Texas Tech

Let's hear it.  If anything, this makes me thing that Vegas really isn't sure what to make of Texas Tech or Texas, for the most part and has the Red Raiders losing to the teams that have soundly beaten them the past few years.  Admittedly, there have been some aberrations, but for the most part, Oklahoma St., Oklahoma and Baylor have pretty much taken care of Texas Tech, so it seems like the oddsmakers are going off of history more than anything else. I find it odd that Texas Tech is a 10 point favorite against West Virginia.