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Red Raider Gridiron: More on Wilder; Mahaomes is Athlete of the Year

We have a bit more on 2016 commit Collin Wilder. Patrick Mahomes is named as the MaxPreps Athlete of the Year. Michael Crabtree returns to Dallas.

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More on Wilder. We have the opportunity to hear from the head coach of the most recent Texas Tech commit, Katy safety Collin Wilder, who is now the 1st member of Texas Tech's 2016 recruiting class:

"He was voted one of our captains for next fall as a junior," Joseph said. "That speaks real highly of what kind of leadership he has. I feel like whoever gets him, he's going to be there for four years and is going to do nothing but good things for your program."

I also updated yesterday's commitment post.

Congrats to Mahomes. Congrats to QB Patrick Mahomes who was named as the MaxPreps Male Athlete of the Year!  Mahomes dominated East Texas on the football field, basketball court and baseball diamond.  Whitehouse AD Richard Peacock had this to say about Mahomes:

"In 38 years in the business, I've seen a lot of great athletes," Peacock said. "But he's as good as I've ever seen. What he's accomplished is amazing, but honestly more amazing might be what a great young man he is. ... It's hard to separate what's more impressive, his athletic ability or character."

Jenkins put it this way: "He's a once-in-a-lifetime talent (to coach). He's a once-in-a-lifetime kid."

Crabtree in Dallas. Michael Crabtree said that playing in Dallas in Arlington will be an exciting time for him as the 49ers will open against the Cowboys in Arlington.  Additionally, Crabtree is back in Dallas hosting a youth football camp:

"This is where I'm from and I feel like I should've been doing this," the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver said. "I really never had guys from the city do stuff like this. I wanted to make a change. I want the kids to have an opportunity to be like that. I see myself in a lot of these kids.

Big 12 Opponent Previews. We're not the only one looking at Arkansas as Team Speed Kills takes a long look at the Razorbacks and USA Today provides a look at the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Top Non-Conference Games. According to the Ubbenator (who I am sure would not like to include any Big 12 teams), Texas Tech has one of the top non-conference games, actually it's just 7th or so, which isn't exactly any great shakes

7. Texas Tech vs. Arkansas: Bret Bielema and Kliff Kingsbury will battle in Part II of college football's battle for tempo. Bielema spearheaded the since-spiked rule change limiting fast-paced offenses. The two are polar opposites on the field. The Red Raiders led the nation with 1,135 plays last season. Arkansas was 118th of 125 teams with 775. Kingsbury may try to run 150 at the Hogs out of spite. Game on.