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Trent Dilfer Talks Texas Tech Commit QB Jarrett Stidham

Elite 11 organizer Trent Dilfer talked about current Texas Tech commit QB Jarrett Stidham, from Stidham's mechanic's to what he needs to improve.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I think the best way to describe Trent Dilfer is that he is the Elite 11 organizer, but he's also a former NFL quarterback and he previously had lots of nice things to say about Davis Webb and looking back on Dilfer's quotes on Webb, they are pretty darned accurate. Last time we met, quarterback coach George Whitfield spoke about Stidham and now we have quotes from Wescott Eberts (@SBN_Wescott), who spoke to Dilfer about Stidham.

In Dallas, Dilfer gave Texas Tech commit Jarrett Stidham an invite to The Opening and for Dilfer it was just one moment that won him over for Stidham:

"Well, he won it in one particular moment for me, as long as he continued to get better, when I jumped into the one drill and I was fired up and yelling and screaming and trying to get them to pucker up, he didn't -- his heart rate didn't go up one notch."

You love to hear that Stidham is cool under fire and has the ability to remove those sorts of distractions. The ability to "not panic" is certainly an attribute that makes a lot of sense for a quarterback because too many things can happen when a quarterback panics. Dilfer continues about Stidham's ability to not let the pressure get to the young quarterback:

"Five of his best throws were in that session and that just shows me that in real life, whenever he goes where he goes and every day is a pressure-packed day, he can control his mind and control everything about it, that just speaks volumes to the type of kid that he is."

Just as Whitfield spoke to Stidham's mechanical issues, Dilfer also spoke to what Stidham needs to improve, which is really pretty minor in the grand scheme of things:

"He's good mechanically. With everyone there are things that we will clean up, but there is nothing egregiously wrong. We'll get in and tweak just to get them more efficient. If anything, he can get a little bit flat, everything just kind of flattens. We want him a little bit more compact and big as he's throwing."

In looking at Stidham's film, that does seem accurate, that the passes can tend to be a bit flat. That's always a little tough to tell on film since there's really only one point of view normally.  Dilfer was also asked about Stidham's arm slot and mentions that it's just fine and because of his arm strength, he can release it a bit late:

"His arm slot is fine. Arm slot is always going to be right around shoulder level. It's where the ball is released. He can release it a little late, so it's lower. If you release it earlier, the arm slot is higher."

Thanks again to Wescott Eberts (@SBN_Wescott) for the quotes. It's good to get that sort of insight on some of the players that have committed to Texas Tech.