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Red Raider Gridiron | Delany Has a Plan; Hyder & Bullitt Hope for the Best

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany might have a plan to remove the conferences from the NCAA. The NFL Draft is tonight and Kerry Hyder and Terrance Bullitt hope for the best this weekend.

Donald Miralle

Delany Has a Plan: This is just terrific, it's from John Infante from Bylaw Blog, but writing for Sporting News (via Sporting News).  Essentially, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany has a vision and it essentially involves in the conferences governing themselves:

It would be the height of naiveté to not see the end game here. The NCAA performs three major functions for its members: it operates tournaments, regulates members, and absorbs public criticism. By moving to an autonomy system where five conferences not only draft but administer their own rules, Delany is suggesting the NCAA cease performing the latter two of those tasks, at least for a subset of rules. Conferences also already know how to run tournaments (or could simply poach the NCAA's best people), so the only reason to keep the NCAA around and Division I intact is the value of March Madness.

And if anyone ever asks you if timing is everything, Delaney will say absol-freaking-lutely:

You only have to read between a couple of lines to see that Delany is even indicating when a split will happen. Multiple times, Delany mentions a time frame of five to seven years to get Division I restructured, reform it to the liking of the power conferences, and let outside reform efforts like the wave of lawsuits play out. That is also, perhaps not coincidentally, the average time between governance reforms in Division I over the last 20 years or so. With plenty of practice at performing the NCAA's core functions, public criticism dying down after a tumultuous period, ability to reshape Division I exhausted and potentially needing major changes to pay for the result of lawsuits and unionization efforts, leaving the NCAA barely seems like a choice.

To be honest, I'm completely blown away by the simplicity and timing of all of this, but not surprised at all that Delany has this pretty much figured out, or at least as figured out as someone can regarding conference realignment.  All of the other scenarios, they don't make sense.  This makes sense.  This makes total sense.  Brilliant stuff from Infante.

After Amaro: Kerry Hyder and Terrance Bullitt discuss their draft day expectations and they both seem to be hoping for the best, Hyder hoping he goes on Day 2, but likely will be Day 3.  Here's Bullitt:

"I’m preparing for the worst-case scenario," linebacker Terrance Bullitt said, "but I’m praying for the best. So, we’ll see how it plays out."

This also applies for guys like Eric Ward and Will Smith, who are also looking to get drafted this weekend or at the very least get an opportunity as a free agent.

For those that are curious, MikeTTU has finals (wish him well!) and I've got an open thread going up at 6:00 pm tomorrow with links from all of Mike's previews of all of the profiles and hard work he's done all year.  We'll consider it the open thread for the weekend.  If I can do separate posts on where a player is drafted, I'll do it.  However, I feel like the NFL has really messed up the male's ability to watch this thing all weekend with Mother's Day on Sunday. I'll be doing Mother's Day things on Saturday and I'll be constantly refreshing Twitter.

In other draft news, TE Jace Amaro is projected to go to the New England Patriots with the 29th pick by Mike Mayock and Johnny Manziel the 16th pick by the Dallas Cowboys (via NFL).  Twitter would absolutely explode and most of my friends would question their allegiance to the Cowboys, so naturally, I am pulling for this to happen.