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Red Raider Gridiron | Webb Discusses Kingsbury; Dilfer on Stidham; Amaro Ready for Draft

QB Davis Webb and Kliff Kingsbury discuss 2013. Trent Dilfer praises Texas Tech QB Jarrett Stidham. Jace Amaro is ready for the NFL Draft.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Webb and Kingsbury: We've sorta read about this already this fall, which is that QB Davis Webb wanted to prove head coach Kliff Kingsubry wrong about starting Baker Mayfield at the start of the year (via BleacherReport).

I think this is a good job of combining all of these thoughts together from over the course of the spring. The one thing that's interesting to me is the thought that the opening quote from Webb was "what he did wrong" and maybe the prevailing thought with all of these quarterbacks when they didn't get the start is what they did wrong to not start.

Sometimes, it's not what a player or a person does that's wrong, but what maybe another player does right. As my wife always reminds me, it's not always about you, sometimes its about other things.  I think that's a hard thing to learn for a player to accept (or a 40 year old blogger that wants to try to do the right things), a player that's always had the right answer athletically.

Amaro Ready: Good to hear from TE Jace Amaro right before the NFL Draft on Thursday (via LAJ) and he says he was invited to the NFL Draft in New York, but he said he's going to stay close to family and friends.

Dilfer Gushes About Stidham: From Annabel Stephan via Scout, Trent Dilfer talks about how impressed he is with Texas Tech commit Jarrett Stidham (via Scout):


* There may be some things that you dislike about Texas Tech, but goodness gracious, Rutgers. They initially invited Eric LeGrand to speak at the commencement speech and they then told him that he wasn't going to speak (by the AD) and then they had to backtrack on that yesterday (via SB Nation). LeGrand is a Rutgers treasure.