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Jarrett Stidham Impresses at Elite 11 Dallas Regional

Texas Tech committ quarterback Jarrett Stidham impressed at the Elite 11 Dallas Regional, taking home the MVP and earning an Elite 11 invite.

Photo credit: SB Naiton Recruiting

Congrats to Texas Tech commit QB Jarrett Stidham for earning an Elite 11 Invite in Oregon later this summer at the Dallas event this past weekend (via SB Nation):

Stidham was also effective with his deep ball and generally excelled in every drill, throwing darts on outside breaking timing routes while responding well to the adversity created by Elite 11 coach Trent Dilfer when the ESPN analyst tried to distract the participants to test their concentration.

Stidham also won the MVP for the event.

This video is from Scout's Annabel Stephan, who is a good follow if you like recruiting (@AnnabelStephan). Sorta funny in that he almost calls Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football.  It's also interesting to see how Stidham is fully aware of his future head coach's playing days, including how he was drafted.

Stidham also mentions, like mentioning Manziel, that he sees himself in that sort of mold moreso than the traditional spread offense that you see with Davis Webb.  For those curious as to why Kingsbury doesn't tire of questions about Manziel, this is it. Kingsbury has a way of focusing on what a player does well and setting up his offense to emphasize the player's strengths.  Not only that, but with Manziel being drafted this week, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Kingsbury being asked about Manziel.  Players see that sort of exposure as a good things, regardless of whether or not Manziel played for Texas A&M.  Kingsbury has completely bought into the Manziel hype and talent and he has never shied away from that.  Make no mistake, Kingsbury knows what he's doing.