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Texas Tech Football Links: Davis Webb Ready to Lead and Looks to be Tougher; Kyler Murray Talks Kingsbury

QB Davis Webb talks about how he's ready to lead and looks to be tougher. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury joined Bruce Feldman on a podcast and newest Texas A&M commit Kyler Murray said that Kingsbury helped guide Murray in the right direction and has a lot of respect for Kingsbury.

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Webb Ready. It seems like it has been way too long in reading something from Bruce Feldman writing about Texas Tech and he writes about Davis Webb and how he is ready to make a move to being the best, from his work with quarterback guru George Whitfield to head coach Kliff Kingsbury discussing his quarterback.  Go read the whole thing, it's worth your time. Here's a bit (the coach they are referring to is George Whitfield):

The coach noticed that Webb, a record-setting Big 12 freshman last season, always would position himself to go last so he could bat clean-up and impact the outcome of the competition. Whitfield also noted that Webb's teams, no matter who else he was paired with, won.

By later in the week, Whitfield had a few instances where Webb's team had such a big lead going into the final round of throws, they couldn't be overtaken. So the coach would revamp the scoring system, just so he could make things more interesting.

"His teammates were barking at me," Whitfield said. "Davis tells them to shut up. ‘That's all good.' Then slaps the ball, makes the throw and they still win by one. He did it in the next competition we had, where his team was leading and before we started the last round, he just looks at me and goes, 'Nah, do that thing.'" Whitfield again tweaked the format, and Webb again won.

In addition to the article, you also have a podcast with Feldman and Kingsbury.  The podcast covers everything from Kingsbury at the Preakness, to Johnny Manziel, and Davis Webb.  Kingsbury talked about Webb not making negative plays and he did that this spring.  He also talked about the administrative issues are the thing that takes his time and from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. is the football time and then he is taking care of administrative issues, alumni, player conduct and other obligations are handled after that.  Kingsbury said he went to Philadelphia this spring and watched a lot of film and said that Chip Kelly is very consistent in what he does, and hopefully takes some stuff with him.  Hasn't really thought of coaching in the NFL as he likes being around the players.

I'm going to have some quotes from quarterback gurus George Whitfield and Trent Dilfer on Jarrett Stidham next week. Hold onto your butts.

One more thing, about Webb's weight loss and gain, which is referenced again in the podcast. Feldman asks about the "50 pound" weight loss.  I looked back at Webb's 24/7 Sports profile and it said he weighed 194 coming out of Prosper and that was probably a little high.  I honestly think that Webb was probably in the 185 range as he entered Texas Tech in the summer and probably got up to 194 by the time he was weighed in which would have been the start of fall practice.  If Webb lost a lot of weight and was down to 168, then he most likely lost 26 pounds as a result of being sick.  It's funny in that I think that coaches and/or players talk about weight loss and gain in generalities. I think I recall DC Matt Wallerstedt talking about the size of Rika Levi and said that he was 360 or something crazy because he literally eats babies (he really doesn't).  We're hanging on every word and I don't think that coaches and/or players give much thought about throwing out fake weights and/or 40 times.

Webb Tougher. The LAJ Q&A continues and Webb talks about being tougher and gaining weight in order to take hits and goes through his best game, which is arguably against Arizona St. and maybe his worst game against Kansas St.:

A-J: You were in a zone pretty much, right? It seemed you were hitting every throw.

Webb: Yeah. I feel like I played that kind of game a couple of times, against Iowa State and West Virginia. I just feel like everybody got to see it on ESPN (against Arizona State). It's not a bad deal. People say, ‘You played really good in that bowl game,' because I did. I played pretty well, but I still missed a couple of throws. I could have thrown a couple more touchdowns. We could have scored a couple more points. But I feel like I played good in a couple of games, not just the bowl game. But the bowl game, that was a heck of a win for our program. Hopefully, that'll set us up for future things to come.

A-J: What was the discussion after Kansas State, when you were pulled?

Webb: Oh, man. That was a rough game, because they were beating us in all aspects of the game. Special teams. Offensively, they scored the first four or five possessions and that put a lot of pressure on everybody on offense, really. I put way too much pressure on myself that game, because I saw they were scoring and scoring and scoring. And I felt like I had to match that, so I put too much pressure on myself and I got benched so they could get a spark.

That's what he (Kingsbury) told me: Get a little spark. Hopefully, Baker (Mayfield) comes in and creates something. It just didn't happen, and we got our butts kicked that day (a 49-26 loss on Nov 9). Kansas State played really, really good, and that's why they won the (Buffalo Wild Wings) bowl game against Michigan. They were a heck of a team.

Top 100 Players. The National Football Post has their top 100 college players and Davis Webb is #98. I would only think that Le'Raven Clark would also make the top 100, but he didn't.

Speaking of Rankings. Dave Campbell's is ranking the most important players in Texas and Webb is #8, with Matt Joeckel the #10 player.  I find this ranking of Joeckel odd in that he really hasn't taken much if any snaps, but maybe he is that important.

Murray Intrigued by Texas Tech. Kyler Murray chose Texas A&M yesterday, but he was still intrigued with Texas Tech:

"I'm not going to lie," Murray said. "There was a one point where I went down and I came back - and I was sold. Me and Kliff ... that's my dude. We're real tight. Like I said, I called him and asked him for his option on this. It was just whether or not I could get the dudes to come down with me. I was really enticed, intrigued by Texas Tech."

Murray even said that Kingsbury helped steer Murray to Texas A&M:

"I wouldn't say he's like a father to me, but he'll be there for me,"Murray said. "He only wants what's right for me. I know he's got a good record with quarterbacks in the league right now, so I know he'll lead me in the right direction."

You can tell all of your Aggie friends that they owe you a high five.

Bowlsby on Change in NCAA. I'm running out of time this morning, but via Chuck Carlton of the DMN has some interesting things from Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby discuss potential changes to the NCAA.