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Texas Tech Football Links: Webb Discusses Quarterback Situation in 2013 with Brewer & Mayfield

Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb discusses the quarterback situation in 2013 with himself Michael Brewer and Baker Mayfield.

Dan Friend-USA TODAY Sports

Webb Didn't Understand Claims of Lack of Communication. Woah.  The Q&A continues and QB Davis Webb goes into some detail about how the week-to-week workings went, at least from his perspective, as to how head coach Kliff Kingsbury dealt with the quarterbacks.  I really encourage you to go read the whole thing. Webb makes it clear that Mayfield beat him out before the start of the year and after the SMU game, he went to Kingsbury every day about the situation and that Kingsbury has always said that his door is always open, which Webb affirms.  And as to figuring out who would be the starter and who wouldn't be the starter, Webb had this to say:

A-J: A moment ago, you said, unless I misheard, that maybe one week to the next you didn't know who was going to be the starting quarterback. Was that maybe - ?

Webb: No, no. He told us on Sunday, putting the game plan in. We don't come in on Sundays, but the quarterbacks would to get film for that (week's) opponent. He would tell us, "Baker's going to get the reps tomorrow." Or, "Davis is going to get the ones. Michael's going to get the twos" or whatever.

We knew going in who was going to be the starting quarterback. That was never an issue. That's very confusing, and it's kind of disappointing they would say that about coach, who gave them opportunities, to say all that kind of stuff.

So this is interesting.  Webb seems to make to clear that the quarterbacks knew who was going to get the reps the week before the game, and I'm guessing that Kingsbury stuck with that plan during the week and the players may not have known who exactly was going to start, but the players knew who was getting the reps because they were getting the reps.

Maybe the most damning thing is that Webb said that who was going to be the starter was never an issue.#

Giles Ready. The newest Texas Tech commit ATH Johnathan Giles from Elkins is ready to lead Knights after spring practice:

A big reason why the Knights could get that far is Giles. The senior-to-be dazzled fans all year long with his dual-threat ability. He even impressed a large Katy contingent in the playoff game Elkins lost.

Giles passed for 2200 yards and 27 touchdowns. He also rushed for more than 1,000 yards and scored 18 more touchdowns. Those numbers could rise this year as he feels more comfortable in and confident with the offense.

"Instead of just knowing his first and second reads, he knows his first, second and third reads," Brantley said.

You just love to hear that about the commits at such a young age, being able to recognize and process information and make the right calls.

Big 12 Teams to Receive $22 Per School. I think I'm reading this right, but each college will receive $22 million from the Big 12, or at least the 8 members, excluding TCU and West Virginia.