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Texas Tech Links: Baseball Preparing for Coral Gables; Webb Dreamed of Starting for Texas Tech

Texas Tech baseball is preparing to head to Coral Gables for the Miami Regional, first game on Friday at Columbia. QB Davis Webb said he dreamed of starting for Texas Tech and lost 40 pounds in a 3 day span last year.

John Weast

Texas Tech Preparing for Coral Gables. As we posted yesterday, Texas Tech is headed for Miami, Florida, and the Coral Gables Regional with Miami as the first seed, Texas Tech with the second seed, Columbia with the third and Bethune-Cookman with the fourth seed.

Texas Tech will play on Friday at 1:00 pm against Columbia and you can view the entire bracket where there is a losers bracket and winners bracket, so the next games will be dependent on winning or losing on Friday.

The team is excited and the first NCAA Tournament appearance in over a decade:

It is Tech's first appearance in an NCAA regional - and 10th in program history - since 2004 when the Red Raiders were a No. 2 seed at the Atlanta Regional hosted by Georgia Tech. It is also the second appearance in a regional hosted by Miami. Tech was the No. 4 seed (six-team regional prior to expansion to 64 teams) in 1998.

"It's awesome because ever since I came here, (assistant coach J-Bob Thomas) told me we would get this thing turned around," pitcher Dominic Moreno said. "He said it might not happen the first year but that we would get it turned around by the time I leave, and it sounds like we've got it turned around this year. It's an amazing feeling. I didn't quite expect to go to Miami, but I'm not complaining. I'm excited."

Webb Dreamed of Starting for Texas Tech. QB Davis Webb continues his Q&A's with the LAJ and he talks about his current weight gain and how he lost 40 pounds or so over the course of 3 days last year after a stomach virus.   He said he had 4 IVs the day of the SMU game and went through the TCU game. At this point, Webb is eating 6,000 to 7,000 calories a day.

Webb says that this sort of eating is hard (I know that some of us would disagree) but he says it is all to be the best he can be:

Webb: Oh, definitely. It's hard to push yourself, but if you want to be the best quarterback to ever play at Texas Tech, you've dreamed about being the Texas Tech quarterback since you were a sophomore in high school, it's not as hard as you think it would be if it's a dream of yours.

Bowl Game Projections. This is always a bit funny to read so early before the season ends, but ESPN came out with their bowl projections for 2014 and two ESPN'ers are projecting Texas Tech to play Ole Miss in the Liberty Bowl and the Texas Bowl against Texas A&M.