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Texas Tech to Play in Miami Regional; Will Play Columbia

Texas Tech will play in the Miami (FL) Regional along with Miami, Columbia. and Bethune-Cookman. Eric Gutierrez was named the WacoTrib Player of the Year.

Photo credit TMacRaider.

Texas Tech to Miami Regional. Texas Tech will play in the Miami Regional, hosted by Miami and the seeds are as follow:

1. Miami
2. Texas Tech
3. Columbia
4. Bethune-Cookman

Texas Tech will begin their NCAA Tournament run against Columbia on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 1:00 pm on ESPN3.

Gutierrez Named Waco Tribune's POY. Congrats to Eric Gutierrez who was named the Waco Tribune Player of the Year.  Good stuff and go read the whole thing as we learn that Gutierrez's father played professional baseball in Mexico and Texas Tech was the only Division I scholarship that he was offered coming out of high school:

"That's what I heard from my high school coach, that they said I was too short," Gutierrez said. "They wouldn't really say it to me. But I heard that stuff. Everybody just figured I'd end up playing juco ball. Thankfully, Texas Tech gave me an opportunity."

Adam Kirsch was named the Newcomer of the Year for the WacoTrib.

Red Raiders Must Refocus. After a poor showing in the Big 12 Championship, according to George Watson the team must refocus and be ready for the NCAA Tournament.  Watson notes that no matter what, this team is a full year ahead of schedule, and I would agree with that sentiment:

The funny thing is, though, and I think this something a lot of the fans tend to forget, is that this program is about a year ahead of schedule according to most of the pundits.

Remember, this team was picked no better than seventh in any preseason poll, whether it was a publication or the Big 12 coaches poll. And to finish fourth with no take-charge Friday night ace, no true closer and a lot of offensive production from freshmen or first-year players, going 40-18 on the season is a tremendous accomplishment.

Tadlock said it best, however, during the break for finals, that the longer a team plays, and does so on television in the NCAA tournament, the more that helps not only land recruits, but convince players already signed who may have the option of going pro to come to school and put off an MLB career.