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VTM Roundtable: Kingsbury & Manziel; Dinner with an Assistant; How Long Until Kingsbury Leaves

In this edition of the VTM Roundtable, we discuss Kingsbury and Manziel, having dinner with an assistant coach and how long until Kingsbury leaves.

Mike Stobe

Hello VTMer's and welcome to another award winning edition of the VTM Roundtable.  Please feel free to answer the same questions in the comments. Let's do this.

1.  I (Seth) have given my opinion about how I don't care at all how the media asks Kingsbury about Johnny Manziel, but there's quite a bit of pushback from Texas Tech fans that are tired of the Manziel questions. Where do you fall on this issue?

LSRR: 1. After living with the "Neverending Draft" for approximately 97 weeks, I have had more than enough Manziel coverage. But, this is the world in which we live. It doesn't bother me when Kingsbury is asked about him because I expect those questions. I sure wish they would talk more about his Red Raider players in the NFL, though.

Travis Hale: I'm in the minority regarding Manziel as a Tech fan because I think he's great. I think he's a fierce competitor and an extremely gifted QB and I hope he takes the NFL by storm. So with that, I have no problem with Kingsbury continuing to discuss the success he shared with JFF because in my opinion it only reminds recruits and potential recruits that the two are connected. If I was a hotshot QB looking at a college, the fact that Kliff has such a close relationship with guys like JFF and Keenum would factor into my decision.

DoubleTFaithful: I would be one in the camp of "ired of hearing about Johnny Footbaw."He was obviously very successful. Kingsbury made sure he molded the offense around the weapons available, and they had some excellent athletes. I would be more interested in hearing about how he coaches up 2 true freshmen to lead Texas Tech to a 7 win season.

MikeTTU: The more the merrier. While I'm not a big fan of Johnny Football and get tired of the questions, Kingsbury needs to keep on answering them. Why? Simple marketing techniques. By asking Kingsbury questions on Manziel he's 1.) Getting Texas Tech's name out there, and 2.) Associating Kingsbury with success, both which translates to recruits wanting to play with him. He probably understands this, being a Business major and all, and is using this technique and press coverage to his advantage. The coverage this team gets, the better.

kevinkinsler: I'm still fine with the Manziel connection to Kliff. As long as he is a high-profile quarterback the attention will find its way to Kliff and Texas Tech. That is still a positive for our program. NFL-only types of football fans may not know a QB's NCAA OC, so this even gets us that exposure outside of our usual circles, although Kliff has done some of that on his own. Once Johnny goes full Cleveland I think this will die down quite a bit, although I'm hoping Kliff will have another QB or two to talk about then. Further, If Johnny would have played at Oregon or Florida State under Kliff I'm not sure as much of the fan base would be against the connection, but the fact that the connection is with aTm likely keeps reminding them of what aggie has done lately, which few of us care to tout.

Seth C: I won't dive any more into my thoughts and you can read them in last week's awesome recruiting conversation I did with MikeTTU. TL;DR: Bring it on.

2. If you could have dinner with any of the assistant coaches, who would that be and why?

LSRR: Dinner with Coach Wallerstedt would be a must. I always enjoyed watching him break down film during the season, and I feel like I could really learn something from him about the game. We could head over to the Double Nickel since a) they take their time and allow you to enjoy your meal and b) I assume he's paying.

Travis Hale: I'd love to have dinner with Hollywood because he seems like a great guy and probably has some great stories. I'd also love to have a beer with Coach Stone. That guy is probably the most fun out of the entire coaching staff at TTU right now.

DoubleTFaithful: Matt Wallerstedt, hands down. This may be my bias showing through with all the writing I've done on the defense, but I want to learn MOAR! I absolutely loved the videos he and Brandon Rawe were doing last season and getting the inside perspective from the coach's point of view. He probably wouldn't want to spend more time out of his day talking football, especially with a n00b, but I just think it would be awesome.

MikeTTU: Unlike all the other writers, I didn't watch Texas Tech when these assistant coaches were playing, so I didn't have a preference from watching them. If I had to pick one, I would probably pick Eric Morris because he's the only one I wouldn't have to keep on looking up when talking to him. Coach Morris seems like a cool guy and probably the one I could relate the most too. Plus it would be cool to know what it was like playing for Texas Tech when they were on the rise.

kevinkinsler: Wally. Having had the chance to talk to him for a few minutes at the Dallas Recruiting Roundup, it's exciting to see what kind of fire that man has burning inside. It's not always hellfire and tornados with him, but even when his abnormally calm demeanor is present, you still get the sense of what lies underneath, which just motivates and encourages even when he's not trying.

Seth C: I'm probably choosing Mike Smith or John Scott, Jr., simply because I just don't think I feel like I know either of them all that well and I think they are good recruiters and that usually means that they have a pretty good personalities. I'd be banking on the thought that they have some pretty terrific personalities and I'd love to pick their brains about football.

3. This writer for the DMN, Kevin Sherrington, seems to think that if Texas Tech wins, then Kingsbury will be too hot of a commodity for Texas Tech to keep and if he loses, then it's totally cool, because Texas Tech fans aren't hard to please at all. Taking off your Texas Tech beanie (we really should try to bring this look back), do you have an expectation as to how long Kingsbury will be at Texas Tech and do you think that he would leave Texas Tech for college like Florida or USC?

LSRR: No matter what I do, I cannot answer this question without my beanie and my scarlet-tinted glasses. I would almost say that Kingsbury would be more inclined to leave after several mediocre seasons as opposed to several successful ones. Granted, it wouldn't be to a powerhouse university, but he (or the administration) may feel like it would be time for a change for his beloved Alma mater. Now, if our program experiences a tremendous amount of success over the next few years, who would want to hand off the keys and head to sunny California for more cash? Not the King, man. He loves dirt, wind, and water restrictions. ATMO. Wreck 'em. (Please don't go).

Dirt, Wind, and Water Restrictions sounds like a terrible Earth, Wind, & Fire cover band.

Travis Hale: I think I've said it before, but I really think we (Tech and Tech fans) are in a win/win situation with Kingsbury. If he is a hot commodity in 5 years it means that he has taken Texas Tech to the next level and we are consistently competing for conference championships and in the playoff mix. It also means that we are killing it in recruiting, and our PR game is top notch. At the same time I think Kliff has some deep roots in Lubbock and it would have to be a pretty spectacular opportunity for him to decide to leave. I would imagine a USC job or Florida job would get his attention, but its hard to imagine him choosing to leave for anything less than a school with that sort of name recognition. I guess given his obvious ambition the NFL could be a possibility as well, but in order to get there he'll have to excel with us for an extended period of time. If that's the case then I'm not going to worry about it and just try to enjoy every minute.

DoubleTFaithful: First, I'd like to respond to Sherrington's assumption that if Kingsbury doesn't produce that he's going to be around for a long time. That simply isn't true. I know how much we all love Kingsbury, but if he isn't pushing this program to new heights, you can expect the AD will move on. I think he would have a longer leash and would stay longer than an outsider would given the same results, but Kingsbury isn't invincible here. Now, I think the comparisons to Mike Gundy are right on track. I would like to think that Kingsbury would be here for the long haul, even after attaining significant success. It's hard for me to step back and see logically where Kingsbury would move on to after Texas Tech. I think it's a great situation for him and if ha can find success here, why go somewhere else? It would have to be to a program that is set up to filed his kind of team, is competitive on the major level, would be accepting to a totally different style of coaching and that could shell out the bone$. But I think it would be interesting to see a "traditional" power team shift to the Air Raid. Think Alabama throwing the ball 65 times a game. What a hoot!

MikeTTU: The number I hear thrown around a bunch is 5 years, with Kingsbury leaving to coach an NFL team. Honestly, that's the only place I could see Kingsbury going (if the right opportunity comes). Obviously I'm not Kingsbury and don't know what he would do, but I think the NFL could be a very realistic option for him. As for switching colleges go, it just seems hard for me to see Kingsbury coach Texas Tech into one of the best in the country just to leave for a bigger program, who probably won't be as good if they are hiring a head coach. If Kingsbury wins a title while coaching Tech, I think it could be hard to leave that situation. However, if Kingsbury keeps getting close but never good enough to win it all, there a chance I believe that he would take a NFL job.

kevinkinsler: I can't say I've ever had too much in common with Sherrington, except for a first name, but then again I'm never too impressed with many that work in print. I don't think I fully agree or disagree with his comments, and the reality is likely somewhere in the middle. On the one hand, I really think Kliff has much bigger goals in mind for Texas Tech, where now we build to a Big 12 championship, and that should parlay into dreams of a national championship. If he has a mind for it and can keep getting his social life tended to in the offseason, he could eventually become one of the legendary coaches building his own program and dynasty, Paterno, Bowden, etc. As for the fan base, if we go through an extended time where Kliff isn't delivering, it's going to be difficult to not be in denial about it. I wouldn't call it contentness, more defiance that our "perfect" coach couldn't get it done, which would only lead to even more worries like, "If he can't, who can?", which I hope we never have to concern ourselves with.

Seth C: The logic about this answer was the thing that was so disappointing and I suppose the thought that Sherrington thought that Texas Tech would be totally cool with mediocre and that's not what Texas Tech fans are about. That's the most disappointing aspect of the whole thing for me, which is Sherrington's perception of "just okay" is just fine. I have no illusions that Kingsbury will stay forever, but Kingsbury doesn't strike me as a guy that is looking to move up the ladder from a location standpoint. At the end of the day, a college town is a college town, for the most part. There's always exceptions, but college towns are all pretty much the same.