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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | BB Loses in 9th; Moore to CFHF; Kithuka & Kittley Honored

Texas Tech Baseball loses in the 9th inning to Oklahoma. Jerry Moore to the College Football Hall of Fame. Kennedy Kithuka and Wes Kittley named Big 12 performer and coach of the year. Top 15 players in the Big 12.

Mario Tama

Texas Tech Baseball Gets Punched in the Gut. I'm pretty sure that Texas Tech gave up a 6 run lead to Oklahoma, not all in the 9th, but over time losing to the Sooners 9-8.  It was heartbreaking and there were a ton of opportunities for Texas Tech to add some runs late in the game, including 12 men left on base, but they could never capitalize.  And the relief pitching wasn't good, but Chris Sadberry was excellent during his start, but again, it just wasn't enough.  This was a disappointing way to end the Big 12 Tournament and Texas Tech can pretty much be assured that they won't be hosting a regional, but they'll still be playing in the tournament.  Maybe these two losses will make the team a bit hungry. I hope so.

One other quick aside, it appears that longtime writer for the LAJ, George Watson, will soon be employed by Texas Tech. This is good for Texas Tech as Watson is a solid reporter as there is. I'm interested to see what role he'll play at Texas Tech. It's amazing how the world of media is changing.

Kithuka and Kittley Honored. Congrats to distance runner Kennedy Kithuka, who was named Named Big 12 Performer of the Year and head coach Wesley Kittley who was Named Big 12 Coach of the Year!  Huge honor and congrats!

Moore to Hall of Fame. Congrats to former head football coach Jerry Moore who was voted into the College Football Hall of Fame yesterday!  Moore was lately known as the man that helped lead Appalachian State to their most recent success.  Some of you maybe wonder why guys like Zach Thomas didn't make it and the linked article lets you know that there is some strange criteria for getting into the Hall of Fame and in just this year alone, there were 81 nominees.

Top 15 Players in the Big 12. Fox Sports writer David Ubben, who obviously hates every Big 12 team, listed his top 15 players in the Big 12, which included Le'Raven Clark, at #11.  There was quite a bit of discussion about whether or not QB Davis Webb should have been included and as much potential that I think he has, he's just not close to being one of the top 15 in the Big 12.  I was trying to think of any other Texas Tech players and I think a case could have been made for Sam Eguavoen, but he's not top 15.

Don't Bring Up Strength of Schedule. Apparently, Texas Tech has the 71st best (worst?) schedule in the country, which seems like that's pretty far down the list considering Texas Tech plays in the Big 12 and also plays Arkansas.

Returning Starts. Texas Tech returns the 6th most starts this upcoming year, which is 4th on offense and 6th on defense.  I have this perception, perhaps incorrectly, that there's so many players missing on the defensive side of the ball, but maybe in comparison, it's not all that bad.