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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | Baseball Loses to UT; Kithuka Named to Bowerman Watch List

Texas Tech lost the first game of the Big 12 Championship to the Longhorns and will play the Sooners today. Distance runner Kennedy Kithuka was named to the Bowerman Watch List.

Shaun Botterill

Texas Tech Drops Game to Texas. Texas Tech lost game 1 of the Big 12 Championship to the Texas Longhorns, 8-3, with the game ending late last night.   The elimination game starts today at 12:30 against Oklahoma and we'll have a game thread up at 11:30.

If He Wins, He's Gone, But If He Loses, It's Totally Cool. Seriously:

Question: Kliff Kingsbury is at his alma mater and seems to have a great thing going at Texas Tech -- however, how long do you think his shelf life is in Lubbock? He likes to joke about not being able to have a social life there, and you have to imagine he has big aspirations as a college coach. I think if Tech gets to 10 wins in the next three years, and an opening at a UCLA, USC or Forida is there, he's at the top of the list. Thoughts?
Sherrington: He's going to have to produce to remain the hot ticket he is right now. If the Raiders take a big step forward this year, he's going to be at the top of everyone's lists. Being young and hip was never bigger than it is right now in college sports, with the notable exception of Larry Brown, who, I might add, is still pretty hip for a 73-year-old. If the Raiders can't get to the double-digit win totals with Kingsbury, then he'll be at Tech a long time.

Kithuka Makes Bowerman Watch List. Senior runner Kennedy Kithuka makes his second appearance on the Bowerman Watch List.

Texas Tech Student Part of Crazy Scam? This is somewhat of a crazy story, but a current/former Texas Tech student, Erica Mendez, is the alleged girlfriend of NY Giants first round draft pick Odell Beckham:

Erica Mendez, 21, states she has been dating the former LSU standout wide receiver since 2010. Mendez also says Beckham has treated her to lavish gifts such as a new BMW and flying her out to Paris and London.

The alleged relationship went sour because she claims that Beckham had a threesome with strippers and had a child with another woman. Mendez provided Radar with a series of alleged text messages between her and Beckham.

For his part, Beckham says he has never even met Mendez.

Just Recruit in Florida, California and Texas. This makes it really easy, it appears that you just need to recruit south Florida, Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston and you'll be fine because those areas, along with California, produced a significant portion of NFL draft picks.

Just Going with the Title. I don't need to do anything other than just quote the title of the article:  Boise State sells stadium name for $12M, president complains about 'commercialism'