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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | Hays Resigns; Dauphine Shines: Baseball Ready to Face WVU

Softball coach Shannon Hays resigns. Corey Dauphine ran the fastest high school time in the country. Sam Harrell returns to coaching and there is much to be decided for the baseball team as they host West Virginia this weekend.

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The LAJ New Subscription: I guess it didn't hit me until sometime yesterday, the URL had never been a problem, until last night.  Now, I had always hit my limit on viewing so I was generally never able to view articles there.  Now, though, with being a subscription based service, $9.95 per month, the world is changing.  I've always vowed not to pay for a subscription and I think I can still do that, but we'll see.  I still think that the news itself is going to break other places and that at the end of the day, what we're looking for is just a place to hang out and discuss things rather than just read the news.  The other thing that bothers me is that now all of those folks who were commenting on the LAJ site might be looking for a new place to comment.  Now I'm worried that Football Realist is going to arrive at VTM soon.

Hays Resigns: This came out of nowhere for me, personally.  Softball head coach Shannon Hays resigned today, coming off of a 35 win season and winning 66% of his games at Texas Tech (via Texas Tech).  I am confused about this move as it seemed that he was doing everything possible to turn this program around and getting snubbed this year maybe was the thing that made this move. I just don't know. I do know that he left a pretty good team for whatever coach comes in to this situation.

Dauphine Continues to Impress: Running back commit Corey Dauphine just ran the fastest high school time for the 200m this past weekend in winning the Texas 5A State title and now it's setting in as to what he's accomplished (via PAnews).  His football coach talks about what type of person Dauphine is:

"Corey is a very humble and confident kid," Titans football coach Kenny Harrison said. "He is one of the hardest working kids I have ever been around. He has a special gift for not ever wanting to lose. In his head, he has worked harder than everyone else so he is going to win every race. You can't coach that. Losing is not an option to Corey. Nothing surprises me what that kid does anymore."

Sam Harrell Returns: Congrats to Sam Harrell, father of Texas Tech's Graham Harrell, as he has returned to football coaching as the offensive coordinator at Fort Worth Christian (via DMN).  For those of you that don't know, Sam was diagnosed with Multiple Scerlosis and underwent stem cell therapy and the results are pretty amazing (via YouTube).

Much to be Decided: There is going to be much that is decided in the final weekend as Texas Tech hosts West Virginia (via LAJ):

With just one win against the Mountaineers, who are 2-7 on the road in conference play this season, Tech will ensure no worse than the fifth seed at the tournament. To finish fourth, Tech must win one more game against WVU (27-20 overall) than Texas does at Kansas State.

Even finishing fifth, though, would be quite an accomplishment for this team considering it was picked to finish eighth. It would be only the second time since 2004 the Red Raiders have finished fifth or higher, and it would be the turnaround of the year if not for Kansas, which was picked ninth and will end up no worse than third.

Jones and Erxleben Waiting: CB Bruce Jones and P Ryan Erxleben were both still waiting for the phone to ring (via LAJ).


* Kerry Hyder was picked as an undrafted free agent to watch with his new deal with the New York Jets (via CBS Sports).

* Congrats to the sports information department for being named one of the Super 11, which are one of the best in the FBS grouping of colleges (via FWAA).