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My interview with Craig Sager Jr.

Many of you may know his famous dad for the outlandish suits he wears on the sidelines during NBA and NCAA basketball games. What you may not know is how much fun Craig Sager and his son have away from the court.

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Ronald Martinez

As the "Magical Mystery Ride" tour marches on, I continue to find myself in situations that I would've never imagined a few years ago.

After the Spurs defeated the Mavericks in Game 7 a few Sundays ago I set up an interview with NBA Superfan Jimmy Goldstein and asked him if I could go to his house and drink White Russians (he lives in the house where The Big Lebowski was filmed in L.A).

Then on Monday night Charles Barkley called me an idiot.

But by far, the best thing was my conversation with Craig Sager Jr. You've got to check out the entire interview at Pounding the Rock, but here are a few of the questions.

I promise, his answers are worth the read.

Do you have pictures of Dan Patrick passed out on the couch? 

I imagine you've got some epic Vegas stories?

What do you think about Michael Sam not getting drafted?

Tell me the most ridiculous "SEC" story you can without both of us getting arrested.

And most importantly:

How is your dad?

While some of this might seem far fetched and out of the loop for Red Raider fans, believe me it's all part of the master plan. Someday I will introduce Barkley to the staff at RRS and all will be right with the world.