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Red Raider Gridiron | The Future at Quarterback at Texas Tech

Texas Tech commit QB Jarrett Stidham talked about being a dual threat quarterback. Incoming freshman QB Patrick Mahomes may be the best all-around athlete in the high school ranks.

John Weast

Just a Quarterback: So much good stuff.  First things first, go click on the work on Damon Sayles (via ESPN) as he wrote about how this crop of quarterbacks in the 2015 class simply want to be known as quarterbacks, not dual threat or running quarterbacks. Just quarterbacks. There's two really good things in the article from Texas Tech's perspective, the first being 2015 commit Jarrett Stidham talk about how just because he is mobile, doesn't mean that he isn't able to pass the ball:

"I think sometimes with dual-threat guys, people don't think of us throwing as well as pocket passers," Stidham said. "They think that we'd rather run before throwing, and in my case, I'd much rather throw 100 percent of the time than run. It just so happens I can get out the pocket a little and make some runs.

"I think some think automatically, we want to run first. Half the time, it's the other way around."

For what Texas Tech does, passing the ball is preferable, but not absolutely required.  And the best thing is that Kingsbury recognizes the difference between the two types and doesn't care which type of quarterback you are:

"I wouldn't say I have a preference. If you can do it all, the sky's the limit," Kingsbury said. "If you're a guy who sits in the pocket, you'd better be highly cerebral and know pre-snap reads and be able to check to the right places. If you can make plays with your feet, it gives you more leeway to where if you're in a bad play, you can still extend it.

"There are all types of guys who try to play like Tom Brady, but Russell Wilson just won a Super Bowl. You can't overlook that."

Best All-Around Athlete: We've talked quite a bit about Stidham, but Patrick Mahomes is no slouch and let's not forget that head coach Kliff Kingsbury pretty much hand-picked Mahomes. Mahomes committed in April of 2013, over a year ago and after about about 4 months on the job Kingsbuy had his guy in Mahomes.  In any event, pretty neat article from about how Mahomes has excelled at football, basketball and baseball this year (via MaxPreps). Mahomes knows, and so should we, that he needs to keep his options open regarding the MLB draft:

"It (being a top draft pick) is definitely a possibility," Mahomes said. "If the offer is right, I could go that way. I know now right at this moment my plan is to play quarterback and play and pitch at Texas Tech. I look forward to that. But there's still a lot of talk and possibilities. I have to remain open."

If Mahomes gets a good deal, he should take it. No doubt about that.  I hope he comes to Texas Tech, but more than anything, I hope he does what is best for him.  One of the best quotes is from the Whitehouse AD on Mahomes:

"In 38 years in the business, I've seen a lot of great athletes," Peacock said. "But he's as good as I've ever seen. What he's accomplished is amazing, but honestly more amazing might be what a great young man he is. How humble he is despite all the attention he receives really speaks to his character and upbringing. It's hard to separate what's more impressive. His athletic ability or character."

I believe that.  And Mahomes was always a risk for Kingsbury to recruit, but this is what makes Kingsbury so great. He swings for the fences and wants to hit a home run each and every time. He's not satisfied with mediocre, he wants to be great and I think that's what Mahomes is and does.


* If you are a 4-star or 5-star player, you have a much greater chance of being drafted (via SB Nation).  This is why recruiting matters for the NFL and how the recruiting services sometimes get things wrong, but are actually very good at what they do.

* Helping refugees is a very good thing and EDSBS does that each year (via EDSBS).  You can give and help.

* K-State quarterback Daniel Sam is transferring from K-State (via BOTC).

* Graham Harrell had a Q&A that was published on Saturday, but could only be read with a subscription. The author had 3 additional questions and answers with Harrell (via DNews) regarding going to play with the NFL and a spread quarterback being drafted.