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Ward, Bullitt and Hyder Sign Free Agent Deals

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Receiver Eric Ward signs with Tennessee, Terrance Bullitt signs with Baltimore and Kerry Hyder signs with the Jets.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Congrats to the following players for signing free agent deals after not being drafted in the NFL Draft.

  • Receiver Eric Ward has signed a free agent deal with the Tennessee Titans.
  • Linebacker Terrance Bullitt has signed a free agent deal with the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Defensive tackle Kerry Hyder signed a free agent deal with the New York Jets, joining teammate tight end Jace Amaro with the Jets.

This is a huge opportunity for these players and much like Bront Bird and Cody Davis, let's hope they can catch on with their respective teams and make an impact.  I am very happy for all of these players and hope they make the best of their situation.  These guys are all hard workers and I'm not betting against them.