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Red Raider Gridiron | Kingsbury Talks All Things on 1660; Receivers 2nd Best in Big 12?

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury was on ESPN 1660 in Waco to talk about all sorts of things. Post-spring rankings continue and does Texas Tech have the second best set of receivers in the Big 12? Former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach on his new book about Geronimo.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Kingsbury on 1660: Head coach Kliff Kingsbury was on with David Smoak on ESPN 1660 in Waco (audio via 1660). I did one of my worst non-transcripts I've ever done, but I still did it. The reason it was so bad was that sometimes Kingsbury talks faster than other times and when he gets going, it's incredibly tough to keep pace. This is definitely one of those times that you want to listen to the audio.  Here goes:

1660: End of season carry-over from Holiday Bowl win?
Kingsbury: Very proud how the team kept their head up and focused. Everyone is feeling good.  
1660: Silver lining that Webb played?
K: I believe it worked out for the better with transfers, and I can't blame them. Davis worked hard and progressed, get better and better, ending season as Holiday Bowl MVP. Had one of the best spring that I can remember.
1660: What is your thoughts on mass exodus of quarterback's leaving?
K: Not sure, either way. Three guys after me ended up starting, but kids these days want to play immediately, whether it be compete or not, and that attitude has changed. I understand that the kids want to play but as a coach, you like to put guys in a pipeline so you ahve a string coming down the road.
1660: Talk about the quarterback from Waco Reicher (Payne Sullins)?
K: He's talented, he can run around and extend plays. Ran the 400 this year. We're excited about what he brings, had some Ivy League schools talking about him, but he wanted to play for Texas Tech. We're excited about him and last year we started a true freshman walk-on.
1660: Did any Ivy Leagues contact you coach?
K: I think I did, and I didn't take my chance.
1660: Five different Big 12 Champions in five years? Changing of the guard?
K: Parity that is college football, there's not the dominant teams that are out there, and OU, Nebraska and UT were way out in front of everyone, true champion with 9 game schedule. No one knows who is going to win the league anymore.
1660: Difference in being head football coach at Texas Tech?
K: Just the administrative things, as a coordinator all you are worried about is scoring points but when the head coach, all of the issues come across your desk, so time management is a big thing.
1660: Coming back to be head coach at TTU. Thoughts at being at alma mater.
K: Support has been great, has been over-whelming supportive and a staff that truly cares about the staff and it has been humbling for us.
1660: Thoughts on Manziel?
K: In high school, he was an incredible talent, everyone won't be able to extend plays. The first time I thought he had the time to be special was the Florida game he doesn't know what he's doing, but he was extending plays, not sure who could be better.
1660: What about NFL personnel who think Manziel can't play?
K: Tell them that they had better watch out, he wants to be the best football player on the field, as the way offenses are going, adapting to the QB, don't try to make him something he is not. I think he has the ability to play well early.
1660: What will be strength & weakness of team?
K: Strength will be experience, as much as we put on QB's will be very comfortable, the O-line and receivers will know what they are doing. Defensively, we have the same coordinator for the second straight year, so the terminology is the same. Weaknesses, we'll see, we have some young guys that are goign to be expected to come out and play.
1660: What's more difficult, a coordinator constantly switching the QB or the DC changing his philosophy?
K: From an offensive side, I think I would have to go with that, it's tough to continuously plug in people and win.
1660: How important is it to have Webb back this year?
K: I think it is very important, we had a bunch of young guys try to figure out, you have to be able to score and keep up and we feel like we can do that much better this year.
1660: Are you big on recruiting JUCO players?
K: I'm big on recruiting to need. Signed 9 JUCO players, it's not something we're going to make a year-in year-out thing.
1660: Talk about Art Briles, the relationship you have with him.
K: I have the utmost respect as Briles, modeled the way that I treat players after Briles, he had a way of making players feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof every time they walked out on the field and made sure you enjoyed the moment, and not surprised what he did there. He tries to play the country, sly like a fox, but he'll cut your throat to win a football game, I promise you.
1660: Did he almost insert a chip in your shoulder?
K: He's a master psychologist and he has that magic that makes people working for him.
Editorial Note: There was a question about Kingsbury's perfectly kept beard and I ran out of steam.

Leach on Geronimo: Really terrific article about Mike Leach's new book about Native American,  Geronimo (via Sports On Earth):

I can't think of an active college football coach who has ever taken the time to write a book that wasn't directly related to football. Neither could Leach's co-author on this project, a Washington State University English professor named Buddy Levy. Woody Hayes used to lecture on history and rant about politics -- he even taught classes that had more to do with the dangers of pot-smoking than they did with football-coaching techniques -- but the idea that he would take time away to write a book about, say, George Patton, would have seemed antithetical to his occupational obsessiveness. And sure, it's not difficult to draw football-related inferences from some of the leadership lessons interspersed throughout Geronimo, but the motivation, for both Leach and his co-author, was to tell an accessible version of the story of an Apache chief who spent much of his life as an anti-hero.

Post Spring Rankings: The first ranking is from ESPN regarding the receivers and they have Texas Tech up to #2 in the Big 12 (via ESPN). They obviously hate us:

2. Texas Tech (3): The Red Raiders lost their two best pass-catchers from last year in tight end Jace Amaro and Eric Ward, but this group is overflowing with dynamic young talent. After reeling in two touchdowns in the bowl and dominating Texas Tech’s spring game, Jakeem Grant looks like he’s on the verge of becoming a star in the league. Bradley Marquez should be even sharper after giving up baseball to focus on football this offseason. And the speedy Reginald Davis is a potential big-play threat on the perimeter. All three players can fly, and they have a quarterback in Davis Webb who can deliver the ball to them down field. The unit goes deep in the rotation, too, with D.J. Polite-Bray, Devin Lauderdale, Jordan Davis and Derreck Edwards all poised to be factors.

The second ranking is from our friends at Turfburner, who are ranking the Big 12 quarterbacks, and has Davis Webb 4th, behind Petty, Waters and Knight (via TurfBurner).  K-State's Jake Waters is an interesting thought, one I hadn't considered all that much, but I think it's one that I need to consider more.  He was pretty good as a part-time starter, he didn't put up the numbers that Webb/Mayfield did, but he did help put up some pretty good wins last year.  I need to study this a bit more.