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Possible Red Raiders: A Weekly Recruiting Update - 4/8/2014

Who visited Texas Tech on Friday, who is going to visit this weekend, confirmation about recruits interest in Tech and many recruits narrow their list. Plus a look at Aaron Garza, Joseph Broadnax, and Joshua Jones.

Ronald Martinez

It's finally here, the Spring Game is this weekend, but there isn't a huge list of recruits attending. There likely is a lot of recruits attending, but we won't get the info until a day or two before and after the game. Here is a list of recruits that either will be at the game or could attend the game

  • Breiden Fehoko (97 rated DT) - This one is already a guarantee. The main reason of the Spring Game visit will be to see his brother VJ, but he will also be talking with the coaching staff. Breiden Fehoko will be taking a lot of unofficials this summer before narrowing his list in August. He will then take his official visits before deciding around the Under Amour All American game. On an interesting note, him and Stidham have been talking a lot lately.
  • Jaelan Austin (88 rated WR) - Jaelan will be attending the Spring Game this weekend, and as of now it's unknown if his teammates or friends will be at the game with him. About a month ago he said Tech was his favorite after catching passes from Stidham. Watch out to see if Austin pulls the trigger this weekend.
  • Caleb Potter (NR JUCO LB) - At one point he said he would go to the Spring Game, but then said he would attend another weekend (everytime he plans a visit, he ends up not going for whatever reason). Although he's going to a college in California, we wishes to return home to Texas. He's originally from Arlington, TX (Bowie HS).
  • Brandon Scott and Kirk Merritt (88 rated S, 94 rated ATH) - There is no proof at all that these two will visit, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Both are very high on the Red Raiders, and Brandon Scott was going to visit Friday before having to change plans. Merritt was at the LSU Spring Game that weekend, so maybe they could be planning going to the Texas Tech Spring Game together. That's just a guess though.
  • Justin Murphy along with teammates Zach Shackelford and Sam Hussey (83 OT, NR OT, NR C) - Murphy will attending the game with some of his offensive line. Neither of them have recruiting profiles on 247 or Rivals, and I don't know how much Tech is recruiting them (if at all).

Like I said earlier, we'll have a better idea of who attended with in the next week. Some of the teams had their Spring Game this past weekend (TCU, Baylor, OSU), and honestly, I don't think that was very smart. This weekend was the NFTC Camp in Dallas, where some of the biggest recruits in the area learn and compete through drills. Basically every top recruit in the DFW area attended the event (except for the few that went to the Baylor/TCU/OKST Spring game instead). I think some of these schools might have lost some potential attendees scheduling their game last weekend. This weekend will consist of Oklahoma, Iowa State, Kansas State and us. Hopefully we can get recruits to attend our game instead of Oklahoma's. Let's take a look at some potential Red Raiders now, including Aaron Garza, Joseph Broadnax and Joshua Jones:

Aaron Garza - Offensive Guard (Sherman HS, Sherman, TX)

Height Weight
6'2" 314 lbs

Ratings: 87 by 247 / 77 by ESPN / 5.6 by Rivals

Interest: Texas (Warm), Texas Tech (Warm), Auburn (Warm), Oklahoma State (Warm)

Aaron Garza originally committed to Texas around this time last year, but at the end of January 2014, he has decommitted. Some suggest that Garza was committed to Mack Brown and not to the school. Anyways, Garza's recruiting is back up, and schools are going after him, including Texas Tech. Matt Clare of Rivals reported that Garza had visited during Friday Night Lights this past weekend. While his twitter is secured (smart on his part), Clare did tweet out that he had said he would visit, and later said he enjoyed watching Alfredo Morales (not sure of relationship here). Looks like Texas Tech is definitely going after him though. Let's take a look at what Garza can do on film. The first thing I like about Garza is the size he posses. Most of the tackles we've looked at have been tall guys, but Garza is more of the wider type. Luckily this works perfect at the guard position, where you are trying to fill in the gap between the tackle of center. With his size, he is able to keep his guy in front of him, and not letting him break free from his block. Another impressive thing I say was his ability to move. He was able to move towards the defender plenty of times to stop him. Not only that, but Garza does a great job of pulling to the other side, something many of the top guards possess. He already has an impressive body type to perform at the next level, so the coaches can more on technique more. I would love to see Garza wear Red and Black in the future.

Joseph Broadnax - Defensive Tackle (Bryan Adams HS, Dallas, TX)

Height Weight
6'1" 300 lb

Ratings: 87 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.7 by Rivals

Interest: TCU (Committed), North Texas (Warm), UTSA (Warm), Texas Tech *(Warm)

Y'all are probably wondering "Why are you reviewing someone that's already committed somewhere else". Well, that's because I don't think he's quite solid on TCU. Recently he did tweet that Texas Tech was showing him lots of love, and there have been stories with Rivals about if Texas Tech was still in the running for him. In fact, Tech hasn't even offered Joseph yet, and doing so may change his prospective. After only getting JUCO defensive linemen this past class, Texas Tech is in need of high school D-linemen this class, so Tech is going after many defensive linemen, even those who are already committed elsewhere. Let's take a look at what Broadnax can do. The first thing I noticed when I looked his film was his ability to use the swim move. He is able to weave his way through linemen to get to ball carrier, then using he hands to poke the ball free. Another reason why he is so good at this, is because he's fast for a guy of his position. At one point in his film, he was able to push his way through a lineman and chase down a running back to make the tackle. It's unfortunate that Braodnax will be playing for Patterson's Horned Frogs, but hopefully Kingsbury can make a move and switch him to the good guys.

Joshua Jones - Offensive Tackle (Bush HS, Richmond, TX)

Height Weight
6'6" 276 lbs

Ratings: 88 by 247 / NR by ESPN / 5.6 by Rivals

Interest: Texas A&M *(Warm), Texas Tech (Warm), Houston (Warm), Louisiana Tech (Warm)

Joshua Jones was offered by Texas Tech two Fridays ago, right before he visited A&M for Friday Night Lights. His only offers thus far consist of Texas Tech, Houston, Louisiana Tech and North Texas. I think eventually the offers will start coming for Jones. There isn't much more info on Jones right now, but I think more should be coming soon. Let's take a look at what Jones can do on film. What I like about Jones is the size he posses. He may not be as think as some of the other tackles we've looked at, but he's got the height and strength to be one. He can hold a guy in front of him, then be able to get to the next level. He has the speed to be able to do so too. However, I do think that Jones will need to bulk up a little bit more before being able to play OT. I think he will eventually be a great lineman, but gaining a few pounds and getting a little better at technique will help. One thing I know for sure, you can't teach size, and he definitely has it.

Here are some more updates:

Football 2015:

  • Trace Ellison, Texas Tech OT Commit, was rated an 83 by 247. I expected him to be around an 82, and 83 seems to be where he lands. That rating could go up with future offers.
  • DeAndre McNeal, 85 rated LB, has named a Top 3 in Texas Tech, Arizona State and TCU. McNeal stated that he got close to committing during the junior day in February, and looks to still be interested in the Red Raiders.
  • Caleb Potter, NR JUCO LB, listed his Top 10 last week, and the Red Raiders stand at #3 behind Ole Miss and Washington State. However, Potter has yet to visit and we have not offered him yet.
  • Carlos Stickland, 90 rated WR, has listed Texas Tech in his lead group along with OKST, LSU, TCU and Cal. 247sports listed Cal as his leader as of right now, but Carlos Strickland has said that Texas Tech has recruited him the hardest. At least we know the lack of effort won't be the reason if he doesn't choose us. Now there are reports from scout that suggest Carlos Strickland could be at the Spring Game this Saturday.
  • Evan Curl, NR OT from Flower Mound, visited Texas Tech during Friday Night Lights and seemed to enjoy his visit. The NR OT holds offers from Texas State, North Texas and Toledo right now.
  • Conner Dyer, 90 rated OT, supposedly listed Top 3 last week in LSU, Texas Tech and Oklahoma (A&M surprisingly didn't make it), but Dyer later said that he doesn't have a Top 3 yet. Dyer will visit Oklahoma for their Spring Game.
  • Lio Lafaele, 85 rated OT Commit, was bumped up to 4-stars on Scout. According to Scout, Texas Tech now has two 4-star recruits and two 3-star.
  • Brandon Scott, 88 rated S, has named a favorite right now in Texas Tech. Scott was supposed to visit last weekend but had to reschedule. Scott does not have a lot of offers right now for whatever reason.
  • Tyron Johnson, 97 rated WR, has named his Top 3 right now, with Texas Tech, LSU and OKST. Most fans were surprised that A&M didn't make the list. Johnson likes the idea of playing with Stidham and will likely have Tech in the race until the end.
  • So there was this rumor going around that Kliff was considering playing the Spring Game (not true), and apparently Ryan Newsome really enjoyed it. Honestly, I think Kliff should at least do one series for the players, fans and recruits. I see it as a win-win situation if he plays.
  • Malik Jefferson, 98 rated LB, did an interview with 247 after NFTC. In the video, he stated that Texas Tech was recruiting him the hardest, and all the Big XII teams in Texas will likely be in the race until the end (along with A&M and Ole Miss). He will decide around late fall because he plans to be an early enrollee. Here is the video
  • Madison Akamnonu, 86 rated OT, has a Top 2 right now, and it looks as if Texas Tech is one of them. The info is behind a paywall, but he's predicted to pick Texas Tech and the story was written by WreckEm247
  • Courtney Wallace, NR DT from Louisiana, has stated Texas Tech is standing out to him via 247sports. According to the caption under the picture in the story, he plans to visit Texas Tech some time during the summer.
  • Clay Johnston, 80 rated LB, wishes to get interest from the Red Raiders. He is from Abilene and his lone offer is from SMU thus far. He's 6'2" 200 lbs.

Basketball 2015:

  • Hunter Shelton, 3-star SF, has mutual interest with favorite Texas Tech. He also is looking at LSU also. He also jokingly said he hopes to get the ladies like Hannahs (just don't leave like him)

Football 2016+:

  • Shemar Smith, 2016 RB, wishes to get an offer from the Red Raiders. Smith goes to Whitehouse HS and probably got an upclose look at Tech when they were recruiting Mahomes.
  • Jack Anderson, 2017 C, was named a 4-star recruit and 42nd overall on Anderson visited Texas Tech a few weeks ago and said that Tech was his dream school.
  • Courtney Lark, 2016 WR, was offered by the Red Raiders on Sunday. He is from Bellaire HS in Houston, same school as Devin Lauderdale. He's 6'2" and weighs 180 lbs, has an offer from SMU and interest from Texas and A&M.
  • Marvin Terry, 2016 DE, says that Texas Tech is recruiting him the hardest right now. Tech looks to be the lone offer right now, with Baylor, Oklahoma and Alabama showing interest.