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Red Raider Gridiron | Webb, Washington and Grant Impress in Friday Night Lights Scrimmage

Texas Tech held their Friday Night Lights last night and Davis Webb, DeAndre Washington and Jakeem Grant all impressed.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Webb, Washington and Grant Impress: QB Davis Webb completed his first 13 passes and finished with 5 touchdowns on the evening. I suppose that the defense did come up when back-up Tanner Tausch entered the game as he did throw 4 interceptions (via LAJ). The link there has some video, the only video I could find this morning, but I hope they release some additional video later this weekend. The best play was a DeAndre Washington run, who looked explosive. The article notes that the offense was placed in scoring situations, inside the 20 or 35, so the stats are a bit misleading in that respect.

There are lots of good notes there, including CB Tyler Middleton stripping the ball from WR Dylan Cantrell and also grabbing an interception, while LT Le'Raven Clark sat out this scrimmage and they had Rashad Fortenberry flip to the left side and gave Josh Outlaw the start on the right side at tackle.

Webb finished 23 of 29 for 342 yards, while DeAndre Washington rushed 6 times for 76 yards and Jakeem Grant had 6 catches for 83 yards. If you watch the video, there's one of those, "I'm sorry you got shook," moments there.

Also, LaDarius Newbold got the start over Theirry Nguema, but maybe had a rough go at it with a couple of completions against him (that's going to happen, so I don't read too much into that).  In listening to defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt talk this spring, he says that Newbold is physically one of the most impressive players on the team, but it's a mental and consistency thing for him.  I think he said something like Newbold is great coming off the bus. If Newbold can make the flip and get after it play after play, then that would be significant for the secondary because there's just not anyone that has his physical tools, especially at his size.

Again, lots of little notes, there at the article and no quotes.

Kingsbury Reported to Play and Then Reported NOT to Play in Spring Game: Just want to put this to bed, as I think David Ubben was the first to report that head coach Kliff Kingsbury was considering playing a series during the spring game next Saturday (via FSSW).  Then, last night, Chris Level tweeted that this just isn't going to happen (@ChrisLevel).