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Red Raider Gridiron | Kris Williams at Bandit; Davis Webb is Lone Survivor

LB Kris Williams is running at second team at the Bandit linebacker spot. Davis Webb is the lone survivor at quarterback.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Friday Night Lights: Don't forget that tonight you can go watch the football team scrimmage under their Friday Night Lights, which starts at 8:00 pm at Jones AT&T Stadium and is open to the public.

Williams at Bandit: LB Kris Williams was out all of last year and now he's running second team to Pete Robertson at the Bandit linebacker spot (via LAJ). Here's Williams on getting back out on the field:

"I feel like I’ve got something to prove," Williams said this week. "I’ve been here two years. I redshirted the first year, got hurt the second year, so I’ve got a big chip on my shoulder. I’m really ready to get back out there, so I push myself every day."

Williams at this spot makes sense to me, especially given his size, at 6-1/230. That's a pretty good size for a linebacker and maybe one of the heaviest or the heaviest on the team. Williams says that this size is helping him compete with those offensive linemen:

"I’m really rusty," he said. "I can’t lie about that, but I’m stronger. I can see the difference in me manhandling a lineman, like a tackle, better than I did in the fall. I did all upper body (weight training) when I hurt my lower body."

Webb is Lone Survivor: QB Davis Webb talked about being "the guy" at Texas Tech and the only quarterback that has remained after the transfers of Michael Brewer and Clayton Nicholas (via ESPN). Here's Webb:

"My goal that game was to show the Texas Tech fan base, my coaches and most importantly my teammates that I was the quarterback for his team," said Webb, who passed for 403 yards in the 37-23 victory over the Sun Devils on the way to earning offensive MVP honors. "I wanted to show everybody I was the guy."

Big 12 Spring Snapshot: Good summary and look at a lot of the main issues with the Big 12 (via Grantland), including a nice Q&A with Dana Holgorsen.


Interesting stuff from the New York Times on the Northwestern union deal, which is that if the student-athletes are now considered employees, then Title IX may not apply, BUT perhaps a bigger issue is that because the female student athletes graduate at a much higher clip, that they couldn't be considered employees. The must be students (via NY Times). There's also some quotes in there about how the proponents of Title IX don't want for that statute to be a shield or a scapegoat for what happens for this union issue. I wonder too how this would work with other sports and their graduation rates?