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Red Raider Gridiron | Hogue to Retire; P. Williams Has 2nd Knee Surgery

Special teams ace Summitt Hogue is retiring from football, while receiver Payton Williams has second knee surgery. A bit on Vincent Testaverde, Jr.'s journey.

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Hogue Retires, P. Williams Has Second Knee Surgery: Special teams ace and all-around good guy Summit Hogue is being forced to retire due to spinal stenosis (via LAJ).  Hogue is a real loss as he was pretty darned good on special teams, he took pride in special teams, which isn't something that that should be dismissed. We wish Summitt the best in his future endeavors.

He also did this, which is pretty cool:

Williams Has 2nd Knee Surgery: Receiver and transfer from Colorado, Payton Williams has had a second knee surgery recently and and his future remains uncertain (via LAJ).  With Williams, we just don't know what he could have done because we've never seen him on the field, so it's tough to tell how big of a loss it is. Hope he can come back.

Testaverde's Journey: Walk-on quarterback Vincent Testaverde, Jr. spoke about his journey being an quarterback and somewhat following in his father's footsteps (via GainRecruiting).  This is pretty extensive and a lot to read, essentially tracing Testaverde's path to playing football, which he really didn't do until he was a junior.  Sounds like a smart kid:

"But my first trip to West Texas and visiting a place they said was a big campus in a small town convinced me that was the route I wanted to go. I could tell as soon as I arrived and was greeted by the people of the town. The university is surrounded with great people, and it starts with Coach Kingsbury. He has a young, hard-working staff that does a great job relating with their players and providing energy and enthusiasm. They have a young depth chart at quarterback and I will be coming in with an equal opportunity with guys in my same class to earn a spot on the depth chart. Coach Kingsbury works directly with his quarterbacks. It's a great opportunity to have him lead our position meetings and on-field work."

It's Going to Get Expensive: Iowa St. Ad Jamie Pollard said that the NCAA re-organization is going to cost quite a bit, up to $750,000 (via Des Moines Register):

"The model that's being put on the table allows all 340 or so schools to stay together, but the reality of it also is that it addresses the elephant in the room — that there are five conferences that have television packages right now that generate a lot of money, that society has looked at and said the athlete should get more of that," Pollard said.

"We're trying to figure out a way within a collegiate model that they can have more access to that."


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