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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | Updates on BB, SB, MG; SEC's 8 Game Schedule

Updates on baseball, softball and men's golf. Meanwhile, Tim Tadlock is building a giant in Lubbock. The SEC preserves their 8 game schedule, but mandate a Big 5 opponent in non-conference play.

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Pretty Busy Sports Weekend: The baseball team swept Oklahoma (via VTM), the men's golf team finished 2nd in the Big 12 Tournament (via Texas Tech) and the softball team won two of three against Iowa St. this weekend (via Texas Tech). I think the softball win was the 300th win for Shannon Hays. Congrats to everyone on a terrific weekend.

Tadlock's Turnaround: It's taken two whole years for Texas Tech baseball coach Tim Tadlock turn this thing around, and yes, I'm officially saying that he's turned it around. National and local folks are really starting to take notice because the turnaround has been so dramatic. I'd imagine that he'll get some looks as far as the Big 12 Coach of the Year. ESPN things that Texas Tech is a sleeping giant (this was before this weekend's games) (via ESPN):

Why They Might Emerge: The Raiders are 31-12 this year, the second under head coach and former player Tim Tadlock. His recruiting touch is well-noted from his days as an assistant at Oklahoma (42 draftees in the last four years), so you know he'll bring more talent to Lubbock. Plus, Rip Griffin Park got a total makeover, and interest in the program is peaking again.

If you want to know why Oklahoma might be struggling, Tadlock might be the reason.  At least his ability to find and sign talented players.  Not dismissing what Tadlock has done as a coach, but better players help more than anything else. I'm amazed at the pitching depth that is young and talented.  And that doesn't even include some of the players that ended up going the MLB route after being drafted.  Tadlock's ability to identify talent is mind-boggling.

SEC's Preserves 8 Game Schedule: Some of the big news from yesterday is that the SEC has preserved their 8 game schedule, but is mandating that each team play a non-conference opponent in the Big 12, Pac-12, ACC, or Big Ten by 2016 (via Team Speed Kills). Of course, Texas Tech will play Arkansas in 2014 and 2015 and it would sure be interesting to see that game continue. Jokes were made on the internet about how Alabama would immediately be calling Kansas and/or Indiana to schedule a game.


This is really terrific, it is a piece about the origins of the NCAA (via Deadspin). It was written by Matt Hinton, one of the best writers on the internet about college football.

If you are Jonesing for some football news, here's a generic spring Big 12 football review (via Kansas City).