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Red Raider Gridiron | Kingsbury Spring Teleconference; NCAA Changes Endorsed

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury was on a Big 12 coaches teleconference and we have a non-transcript. The NCAA has endorsed some significant changes, including autonomy for the Big 5 conferences. Texas Tech commit Corey Dauphine is fast.

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Ronald Martinez

NCAA Changes on the Way: The Big 5 have voted to approve reform and now the question is if this is enough to stem the tide of the Northwestern player union vote, which is set for today (via NCAA). The big thing is that the Big 5 conference now have some autonomy to make some of their own rules that some of the smaller colleges can't (via SB Nation and USA Today).

Non-Transcript of Kingsbury for Teleconference: Because I love each and every one of you, all of the Big 12 coaches did a spring conference call and I did a non-transcript of head coach Kliff Kingsbury's portion (via Big 12 Sports). The thing that interested me the most was the idea that the Kingsbury tried to correct the penalty problem last year, but it obviously didn't work. He'll try something new this year.

Reporter: Assigned body guards to Davis Webb.

Kingsbury: He's gained enough weight he can protect himself. Will see about back-up, most likely Patrick Mahomes. Have some other kids walking on. Have 1 true sophomore and 4 true freshmen. Confidnece level is night and day from last year, Webb is protecting the ball, defensively, we have had same terminology for two years and get more comfortable in system

Reporter: Social media things, is it your idea or someone else?

Kingsbury: Important to have some sort of presence to be on social media. If it is on his twitter it is his stuff. The more you can publicize Texas Tech and our program, the better for us. The dance-off went pretty well, it is more giving recruits a view in what we are about as coaches, and for alumni to have an inside look into our program. Fans now feel that they know these kids.

Reporter: Overview of spring.

Kingsbury: Ball security on offense, last year we weren't good at it, but we did a good job protecting it this spring. Davis' maturity on and off the field. Defensively, having 2nd year with the same terminology and coaches has been huge for their development. Still need to deal with depth here, need to be able to put in a body and across the board, not there. Jakeem Grant had a big spring, he has developed, on and off the field. Defensively, Sam Eguavoen, seeing it better and being more vocal.

Reporter: Discus Kenny Williams at linebacker.

Kingsbury: That move was a fun move this spring and he did the transition great. Picked it up quick, once he really learned and starts reacting, he's going to help us. At any moment we can put him in as the starting running back at any time. He's been a dominant special teams player and we wanted to get him on the field more.

Reporter: Why has there been an increase in interest in college football?

Kingsbury: Can't say exactly, think a lot has to do with the inside look at these teams. Almost on a daily level, they feel that relationship. It has helped popularity. I think that's part of it. The game has evolved, they like first downs and things moving fast. Not sure about penalties, last year we tried to attack it and it didn't work. We'll try another way to do it. We can't have those penalties and turnovers. As many snaps and plays we have it is going to happen, but to be at the bottom of the country is unacceptable.

Reporter: Loss of Ward and Amaro, compare speed.

Kingsbury: Speed overall, lose the overall savvy, but the speed across the board will be exciting, but the play of the quarterback, getting the ball to the receivers on time and in the right spot will be the best improvement of the offense.

Reporter: Personal use of twitter and other social media (couldn't really hear the question).

Kingsbury: Anytime we can get something out that is good or exciting, we'll get it out there. I don't tweet out a ton, just try to make impactful if I do.

Dauphine Runs: Texas Tech commit Corey Dauphine is competing in three events at the regional track meet, including the 200m where he ran a 21.71 in district, which won him a gold (via Beaumont Enterprise). Dauphine's track coach had some good things to day about Dauphine (and click the link to see some photos to see that Dauphine is more fit than you):

"He's a very humble kid," Granger said of Dauphine. "Anything you ask him to do he does 100 percent. He reminds me of Jamaal (Charles). They both work in practice every day like they're preparing for the Super Bowl."


SB Nation is holding a mock draft and TE Jace Amaro wasn't drafted until #48 with Baltimore (via SB Nation).  I've just somewhat assumed that Amaro is going to go in the first round and now that seems like it isn't going to happen. I think I shouldn't be an NFL scout.

David Ubben had a mailbag and he thinks that Texas Tech is a sleeper team (via Fox Sports):

Beyond the Wildcats, Texas Tech reminds me a little of Baylor in the preseason last year. They won't get much preseason pub, but they're going to score a bunch of points and the defense has a lot of upside. They could contend in late November. The schedule sets them up for another possible 7-0 or 6-1 start and they learned how important depth is along the defensive line last year. That, more than anything, is why they lost the final five games of the regular season after starting 7-0.

I still like Neal Brown and I find him interesting and he did a Q&A with Sports Illustrated (via Sports Illustrated).