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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | Baseball falls to TCU; Football Recruiting in the Big 12

The baseball team fell to TCU in Abilene last night, 4-0. We get a summary of the Big 12 football recruiting. With the vote in the NCAA on Thursday, the gap will widen between the universities that have and those have-nots.

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Baseball Falls to TCU: The baseball team fell to TCU, 4-0 (via Texas Tech and LAJ). P Corey Taylor gave Texas Tech a good start, but TCU drove in 1 run in 4 different innings and the Texas Tech offense was never able to get going and managed only 3 hits all night long. Texas Tech hosts Oklahoma this weekend and hopes to stop this two-game losing streak. Texas Tech is still 32-13 for the year. Let's keep this going.

Big 12 Recruiting Summary: Just to get a feel for the rest of the teams in the Big 12, here's a recap of the recruiting in the Big 12 (via ESPN) and here's the bit on Texas Tech:

The skinny: Landing Stidham was huge, but Fehoko is another top-50 recruit who followed in his brother’s footsteps and will work hard to recruit for this class. He can play anywhere on a defensive line. Even at 5-foot-10, Hinton is one of the state’s most talented linebackers. The Red Raiders have a chance to put together one of their best classes in a long time.

Haves and Have-Nots: With the new reform set to be voted upon on Thursday, we get an idea that once this is done, this will widen the gap between the universities that are part of the new regime and the big conferences while those universities that are on the back end might never get caught up (via Athletic Scholarships). Infante writes that if you aren't keeping up, the the new Division I will simply leave you behind and those schools that can't afford some of the new cost of attendance stipends or anything else will apparently be left in the wake.

But the membership of Division I is likely to get smaller over the next round or two of governance reform after this one (i.e. in 7–15 years). And if the big schools are not leaving Division I, the only alternative is some or all of the smaller programs will be on the way out. The reason is two-fold. First, smaller schools will increasingly be frozen out of the legislative process. And second, the big schools will be eventually be motivated to demand that everyone play by their rules.

In other words, Texas Tech (or anyone else) had better keep pace with all of the other big schools or they'll be left out in the next set of reform. I don't think that's a problem for Texas Tech, but you get the idea.


Former Red Raider, Scotty Young, who eventually transferred to Louisiana Tech retires from football at Louisiana Tech (via College Football Talk).  Good luck to Scotty in his future endeavors.

As I am struggling for links this morning, I have some generic Big 12 storylines (via Orlando Sentinal).