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Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | Updated Football Depth Chart; Baseball Plays TCU; Taylor to Coppin St.

The baseball team lost to New Mexico yesterday and will play TCU in Abilene tonight. The football team has the latest depth chart released. Men's assistant basketball coach Vince Taylor is set to take the head coaching job at Coppin St.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Texas Tech to Play TCU in Abilene in Non-Conference Game: The heading says it all, but Texas Tech will actually play a non-conference game against TCU in Abilene tonight at 6:00 pm at Crutcher Scott Field (via FWST). Texas Tech lost yesterday, 4-3 to New Mexico and ended up taking two of three from the Lobos over the course of the spring (via Texas Tech & LAJ).

Depth Chart Released: The official site released the depth chart (via Texas Tech) and I am shocked that the LAJ has 13 thoughts on the depth chart as there didn't seem to be much, if any surprises from what I could tell (via LAJ). My biggest problem is that we find out that Rashad Fortenberry is actually "Reshod" and I know that I'm not going to get this correct a handful of times this season.

And I would expect that with Dominique Robertson and Shaquille Davis are likely to move the depth chart around a bit on the offense and the addition of Rika Levi, Brandon Thorpe and Marcus Smith will most likely change the defensive depth chart.  The things that probably seem the most set are the offensive skill positions, the linebackers and the secondary.

Some of you were surprised about Dylan Cantrell not making the two-deep and he'll be fine. I know we sorta keep talking about this, but receiver is the toughest position to crack (I think) and the learning curve is tough. Of course, D.J. Polite-Bray has broken into the starting lineup and he was a more polished route-runner coming out of high school. I think I also mentioned that Cantrell's biggest challenge is going to be beating defenders off of the line of scrimmage and that still seems true and he'll figure it out. I'm positive about that. And he just might do it before the season starts.

Taylor to Coppin St.: Texas Tech assistant basketball coach Vince Taylor has agreed to be the head coach at Coppin St, which is in Baltimore, Maryland (via The Cardinal Connect). Taylor has never been a head coach before, so we wish him well at Coppin St.


All of the DMN reporters got the assignment to make the case for a particular player on their team winning the Heisman and here is the one making the case for QB Davis Webb (via DMN).

I posted about some of the potential changes in the NCAA yesterday, but this was a terrific primer on the proposed changes (via SB Nation).