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Red Raider Gridiron | Texas Tech Spring Game Details, TV and Links

Texas Tech's spring game is tomorrow and we've got all of the details surrounding the game, including how to watch on TV. Oh, and Kliff Kingsbury is doing a dance-off with Derreck Edwards. Plus, OL Matt Wilson and WR Peyton Williams are considering retirement.

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Texas Tech Spring Game Details
WHERE Jones AT&T Stadium | Lubbock, Texas
WHEN 11:00 am Saturday April 12th
DETAILS Official Site | VTM Roster

This is No Big Deal, It's Just Kliff Kingsbury and Derreck Edwards in a Dance Off: I'd pay good money to see Bill Snyder to do this (via Fox Sports).

Recruits Will be in Town: There will be a ton of potential recruits in town. MikeTTU is going to have a list and give you a ton of information that's for free. One of the guys that's going to be in town is QB Jarrett Stidham (via SB Nation), who said he feels at home at Texas Tech:

"It was on my visit," Stidham said, recounting when he knew it would be the Red Raiders. "The beginning of March trip kind of gave me that instinct, that feeling. I did a little bit of everything, talked to the coaches, they just showed me some love. I think I knew within the first hour that I was there, that this is where I want to be. It kinda gave off that vibe."

Wave of Momentum: Head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that the team is riding a wave of momentum after the Holiday Bowl win (via ESPN).

"More than anything, that showed our players that you gotta handle adversity, you gotta be mentally tough," Kingsbury said. "And if you do, that good things can happen."

Williams and Wilson May Retire: It appears that OL Matt Wilson is having yet another knee surgery and may retire and WR Peyton Williams is also considering leaving the team as he has an undisclosed injury (via LAJ). With Wilson out, the article notes that this precipitated the move of Josh Outlaw from guard to tackle as Wilson has been injured and Trey Keenan has been out for the better part of the spring with a concussion. That bit of background makes sense.


There's going to be a ton of former players on campus today, playing in a golf tournament, mainly to play in the golf tournament, which is being covered by the Double-T Varsity Club (via RP).  In speaking with someone who knows a few things, what Rodney Allison is doing as the person in charge of this former letter winner club is nothing short of spectacular.  He is embracing former players and building this thing up.  First time ever that I think the letter winner club is paying the entrance fee for the golf tournament for the former players. If you see Rodney Allison, shake his hand and tell him thank you because he's doing awesome things.

You have to read this article about how the man that delivers the money to college football players actually gets players money (via SB Nation).  It should be eye-opening.

Scouting report on JaMycal Hasty, a all-purpose running back with some interest in Texas Tech (via SB Nation).

Q&A with Texas Tech signee Jah'Shawn Johnson from Ennis (via RRS).