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Texas Tech News, Notes & Links | Hannahs to Arkansas; Kingsbury on Webb's Turnovers

Dusty Hannahs has announced that he will transfer to Arkansas. The attorneys will assuredly win in the NCAA vs. player union battle. Kliff Kingsbury talks about Davis Webb and his turnovers, while Matt Wallerstedt needs for the defense to step up.

Maddie Meyer

Hannahs to Transfer to Arkansas: Dusty Hannahs made it official last night and will transfer to Arkansas and there's some analysis from our Arkansas SB Nation blog (via Arkansas Fight). I do wish Dusty the best.

The Attorneys Will Win: The latest installment of the NCAA Union issue and/or the issue regarding player compensation is from a law professor who says that it's going to be a long time before things are settled (via LAJ). Chalk one up to the attorneys that will come out smelling like roses.

In related news, we find out that Northwestern is appealing the ruling that the National Labor Relations Board voted that the players could form a union (via Sporting News) and Northwestern's quarterback, Trevor Siemian, will not vote in favor of a union (via Dr. Saturday):

''I'm treated far better than I deserve here,'' Siemian said. ''Introducing a third party or somebody else, especially when our main goals when this began ... there were issues with the NCAA that we thought we could address, and (unionizing) was one of the ways to do it. Nothing had been exhausted from within the school. Myself included, nobody ever addressed Fitz or Dr. Phillips about these issues.

''Two of these guys that all of us have come here and trusted so much - I've known coach Fitz five or six years now - to say I don't trust you enough to help us out addressing these changes isn't the right way to go.''

If you ever have a casual conversation about who is going to "win" the NCAA vs. players issue, just say, "nope, it's going to be the attorneys."

Kingsbury & Wallerstedt on Spring Game: A few good quotes from head coach Kliff Kingsbury and defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt about the upcoming spring game (via DT). Here's Wallerstedt on the defense:

"Friday night was embarrassing for us defensively. We’ve been back and forth with the offense, like a typical spring, and then it was top-heavy offense and really poor tackling, poor on the perimeter, poor pursuit angles Friday night," he said. "I don’t think we were mentally ready to go and weren’t sharp. I challenged them (Monday) to step up and respond and we were able to do that a little bit."

And here is Kingsbury on QB Davis Webb:

"I think (the difference) is he just continues to take care of the football. That was his big deal last year, he threw for a ton of yards and a bunch of touchdowns, but two or three mistakes throughout the game really hurt us," he said. "He’s really worked on eliminating those and his play has showed it."


Good and I think fair scouting report on TE Jace Amaro, although I still don't know if I agree about the idea that Amaro isn't a good blocker (via National Football Post). I don't think that he's a great blocker (you tend to get really good at the things you practice all of the time) and if given the opportunity, he'll impress teams after a year of blocking in an NFL team. He won't shy away from the contact.

Action: Kenny Williams talks about his move to linebacker.