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Red Raider Gridiron | Top 10 Players for the Spring

ESPN ranked the top 10 players from the spring, plus Jace Amaro was in a recent mock at 48th overall.

John Weast

Top 10 Red Raiders:  The Big 12 guys at ESPN put out a list of the top 10 Texas Tech players for the spring (via ESPN) and here is the list:

1. OL Le'Raven Clark
2. RB/LB Kenny Williams
3. QB Davis Webb
4. WR Jakeem Grant
5. IR Bradley Marquez
6. OLB Pete Robertson
7. WR Reginald Davis
8. LB Sam Eguavoen
9. CB Justis Nelson
10. DE Branden Jackson

I don't know if I have a problem with the list of players, maybe the order.  I definitely think that Jackson needs to be higher, the highest defender and Williams is too high (I do like his potential at linebacker).  I do think that Jackson and Eguavoen are the best defenders on the team.  Williams, I hope is good, and I think that Nelson has been really good, but I need to see a bit more before putting him ahead of Jackson.


If there was ever any doubt about the five big conferences creating their own set of rules, this is it (via CBS Sports):

According to sources, the document was distributed to college leaders by Wake Forest president Nathan Hatch, chair of the NCAA Steering Committee for Governance. That committee is overseeing the autonomy discussion among those five conferences – Big 12, Pac-12, SEC, ACC and Big Ten.

Whoah. The most recent SB Nation mock draft has TE Jace Amaro falling to 48th in the draft (via SB Nation).

Interesting read about why college football recruiting rankings are getting better (via SB Nation).

This may only interest me, but pretty good little conversation about race, the N-word, and discrimination in sports media (via Sports Illustrated).

Action: This is a time-lapse of the Midland scrimmage.