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TTU Hoops Roundtable | Prediction Time – Tech vs UT

Different thoughts and opinions from the VTM staff members on certain questions and topics about the Red Raiders basketball team. This week I asked the group to predict the outcome of the UT game.

Maddie Meyer

Last game of the regular season is against UT. No player on our team has ever beaten these guys. The last two games went into overtime when the Longhorns came to the United Spirit Arena. What is your prediction for the game on Saturday?

Seth - I have never wanted a group of seniors to win more than this group. Largely because they have been through heck and back and it would be fitting to end the regular season with a win. The good thing is that this group was somewhat rewarded this year by being relevant, which is an awfully low bar for this group, but to actually have a win and be recognized for sticking with this thing for this year, even though Crockett and Kravic could have transferred just about anywhere because they already have their degrees, deserves a huge salute from us as fans. My guess as to what will happen, is that Turner has to neutralize Demarcus Holland (I was very impressed the last time these two teams met) and Kravic had to keep Ridley off the boards. Texas has been much better than expected, but they're not a great team. Texas Tech can do this.

SARR - It’s going to be another barn burner, but one for the ages. This one goes six overtimes before it’s settled. With the score knotted at 182, Isaiah Taylor fouls out for the Horns leaving only Javan Felix and the Karate Kid to finish off the game. They trade a few three pointers and Hannahs pump fakes Felix and drives to the basket. Felix has no other choice but to foul him hard under the basket and the ball is lost in the crowd. The referees are unable to get the ball back from a riled up Tech student before he takes a bite out of the ball.

Now we have a tie score, two players, and a flat basketball.

The referees huddle.

They come up with a plan.

Hannahs and Felix are asked to step to center court and have a karate fight.

Hannahs is limping from his fall, but he toughs it out. Felix seems unsure of himself so he looks to Coach Barnes for encouragement. He mouths “FINISH HIM.” Felix charges Hannahs injured knee and cracks it again. Now Hannahs is really hurting. He struggles to his feet and positions himself for one last crane kick. His arms raise and he balances on one leg. And Felix charges.

/Fade to black/

/Cue the Fight Song/

MikeTTU - Texas Tech now has lost what I believe is 6 straight games, and it doesn't look to be improving really. I truly hope that Texas Tech can win this last game at the USA with packed crowd against the hated Longhorns for seniors Kader Tapsoba, Dejan Kravic and especially for Jaye Crockett, who stuck with us through the rough years of Tech Basketball. Not only that, some impact players that could really help our program next season will be at the game in JUCOs Justin Jamison, DeVaughton Williams and huge high school PF in Norense Odiase will all be in the house. With 3 scholarships remaining, we could use a JUCO big man and guard to help the young players develop and a young PF with size. Ok let's get back on topic. I predict that 7,000+ students will come to the game this Saturday, a good amount of them drunk (I will not be one). We will come out cheering and chanting "Crockett" before the start of the game. The Red Raiders will feed off the energy and be able to pull out a close game over the Longhorns. Tolbert, who has been inconsistent this season, will play well against Ridley, Turner will force turnovers and Jaye Crockett will get a good amount of points. Plenty of items will be thrown on the field. and we will be warned plenty of times to stop. We will end up winning 65-59 over the Longhorns and the fans will rush the floor for the 3rd time this season because we're rush addicts. Jaye will go out in style and everyone is happy. Jamison and Williams love the atmosphere and the way we played and will commit soon after the game. Perfect ending. If we don't win, at least I get my preseason record prediction right.

LSRR - I predict a win. I have to because it's UT, I'll be in attendance, and we need it. If we're to have any momentum going into the Big 12 tourney, getting a W on Saturday is essential. Like you, Dan, I was a bit surprised that Crockett played as much as he did Wednesday against Kansas. I have a feeling he'll be in the game as much as possible this weekend. If we're going to hold the ball every possession for the entire 35 seconds, we need to make every single shot count.

DanSwany - I want to win this one for the seniors, but most of all I want to win this game for Jaye Crockett. He has been on the team for 5 seasons (1 redshirted year) and never had the experience of beating the Texas Longhorns while in a Red Raiders jersey. We have come really close in those times that Tech and UT did meet, but we could not finish. UT has a solid team, but they can be beat. Texas Tech is on a losing streak and needs to win this one on Saturday to end the season on an uplifting note before the Big 12 tournament.

I believe Tech will go onto the court tomorrow in front of an electric crowd and be ready to play some basketball like Tubby Smith has taught the guys. I predict Jaye Crockett temporarily forgets about his tendonitis and has a monster game to lead Texas Tech to victory. I think the game might be tight, but Tech will finally find a way to win the battle when the buzzer sounds. Wreck ‘em Tech!